June 2012, 4th Hottest Month Globally, Hottest June on Record for Northern Hemisphere Landmasses


According to the most recent report from NOAA, June 2012 was the 4th hottest June on record globally. These records resulted from a combined average temperature of land and ocean surfaces 1.13 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th century average.

Northern Hemisphere land surface temperatures, however, set a new all-time record for June of 2.34 degrees Fahrenheit above average. These records came amidst unprecedented droughts, floods, storms and fires over much of the Northern Hemisphere.

World ocean temperatures ranked 10th warmest globally, with the Pacific entering an El Nino neutral phase as sea surface temperatures continued to rise. Ocean temperatures should probably continue rising over the coming months as a powerful La Nina continues to dissipate.

The fact that world temperatures remain at or near record highs during an ENSO-neutral phase could harbinger even more drastically higher temperatures and potential new records as the Eastern Pacific heats up. In the past, temperature records have been reached or broken during strong or moderate El Nino events. The fact that these new records are happening outside of the ocean heating phase bears close monitoring.





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Please help support our continuing efforts.

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  1. uknowispeaksense

     /  July 17, 2012

    Thanks for this post Robert. I am also concerned what it will all mean in the next El nino event given we are in neutral at the moment. I saw an interesting graph not so long ago that plotted the temperature anomolies for El nino years only and one for La Nina years only. I’ll have to track them down. It showed that the last couple of La Nina years were the warmest on record.


  2. Good point. I’ve also seen research showing that recent years have also been the hottest La Nina years on record. Let’s see if I can find the links. Ah, here we are:




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