Excellent Video Depicting 78% Sea Ice Volume Losses Since 1979

The above video graphically depicts sea ice volume losses as measured by PIOMAS since 1979.

Overall losses during the period of 1979 to this fall have been 78% of sea ice volume. It is these massive losses in volume that have lead some scientists and researchers to predict the potential for ice-free seas during late summer within the next decade.

Joe Romm and many others are starting to call these massive losses a ‘Death Spiral.’ When looking at trends for sea ice loss, death spiral does appear to be what is, indeed, happening.

Another video, shown below, gives a graphic representation of sea ice extent loss since 1979. Take a look at the graph on the right hand side of the visual measure. It provides a good visualization of where sea ice extent values, now 54% lower than 1979 are heading.

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