Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted Still Fighting to Suppress Christian Minority Vote

If Martin Luther King were alive today, he’d be marching in Ohio. Here’s why:

It is a tradition among many Ohio churches to bus congregation members to the polls the weekend before voting in Ohio in an attempt to enable individuals to exercise their constitutional rights. Election after election, churches have provided this service to parishioners and to the country itself, aiding people in the exercise of what can best be termed an American value.

Now, a republican appointee has decided to remove a provision that has enabled voter participation election after election.

Today, with numerous judges ruling Husted’s attempted removal of early voting a ‘voter suppression effort’ specifically targeting Christian minorities, secretary of State Jon Husted has appealed his efforts to suppress voters to the highest court in the land. “The court is saying that all voters must be treated the same way under Ohio law,” Husted complained in his statement this morning.

GOP election board member Doug Priese echoed Husted’s sentiments noting:

“I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t … accommodate the urban — read African-American — voter-turnout machine.”

Husted’s remarks and actions also eerily echo those of Pennsylvania’s House Majority Leader Mike Turzai who infamously told Republicans at a party event: “Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done.” Husted has also derided republican extremist groups like ‘True the Vote’ who organize in attempts to intimidate voters at the polls. So Husted appears to be working as hard as he can to suppress the votes of Christian minorities in Ohio even as he derides others who do the same.

But, this time, the smoke screen won’t work. Husted’s appeal to the Supreme Court shows his true intentions — do everything he can to target voters from an opposing political perspective with policies that limit their options to vote come election day.



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