Is Tagg Romney Trying to Manipulate the Ohio Vote?

Just days after a former adviser to George Romney accused Mitt of treating voters as ‘targets to be manipulated,’ reports are coming out that Tagg Romney, Mitt’s son, may be directly attempting to manipulate the vote in Ohio.

At age 42, Taggert Romney is one of Mitt’s more visible sons. Also a wealthy investor, Tagg was recently criticized for his dealings with Ponzi scheme investment manager Allen Stanford who has been accused of bilking investors of 8 billion dollars. Tagg has invested in Solarmere Capital, an equity firm previously managed by Stanford who is now serving a 110 year jail sentence. Tagg has also drawn criticism for his recent statement that he would like to punch President Obama.

It is, perhaps, interesting to note that Taggert is also Dagney Taggert’s last name. Dagney is the central character of Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged. Often seen as a manifesto for the super-rich, Atlas Shrugged divides the world into noble makers and ignoble takers. This simplistic world-view has been used, for generations, by the wealthy to justify their entitlement and has become a cornerstone to an emerging royalist attitude among the well-off.

In any case, The Cleveland Leader and recently reported that Tagg Romney purchased voting machines to be used in the Presidential election for Hamilton County, Ohio. According to PoliticolNews, the purchase was made via Tagg’s Solarmere Capital links and constitutes a major conflict of interest in the current Presidential election. PoliticolNews and others are now calling for a Department of Justice investigation of this activity to ensure no foul play is involved.

In general, the fact that it is even legal for this kind of thing to occur calls into question the integrity of the voting process. A Presidential candidate, the campaign staff, business associates, and family members should be completely outside the voting process lest a conflict of interest and/or severe moral hazard result. Two elections have already called into question the integrity of the United States democratic system. 2000 and 2004 both involved alleged foul play that reduced people’s participation or, potentially, removed votes. Persons alleged to be directly involved in the 2004 voting machine manipulation incident died before they could be questioned in court. Now, in a key battleground where the Republican secretary of State is doing everything he can to suppress the vote, allegations of direct links between voting machines and the Romney family arise. Given the history of past elections, an investigation in order now and not after the election.


Please also sign this petition to have Tagg investigated:

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  1. In 2004, exit polls in every non-swing state were right on the money. In the ten most important swing states, the “official results” were on average 2% off from the exit polls … and in all ten cases IN THE REPUBLICAN’S DIRECTION. A U of Penn math professor calculated that, while any one poll being off by 2% wasn’t a huge discrepancy, the chance of all ten being off IN THE SAME DIRECTION was 1 in 500 million. Read that again. 1 in 500 million. Unless Obama can win by greater than 2 to 3%, the Republicans will steal the election again, as they definitely did in 2000, and possibly did in 2004.


  2. Mike Gay

     /  October 20, 2012

    The liberal blogosphere is all abuzz with the “news” that Tagg Romney may be a partial owner in Hart Intercivic, company that makes voting machines. One Headline reads., “Tagg Romney Is Now Proud Owner Of Ohio’s Voting Machines.”

    For the moment, let’s assume that Tagg Romney owns some kind of interest in the company, whether it’s 1% or 50%. Before anyone gets excited either way about “Romney’s gonna steal the election,” consider these things:
    1. The sites proclaiming this are obviously liberal sites. There’s nothing on major MSM sites like CNN that I have found.
    2. There are checks and balances in these systems and the company would be committing suicide if it allowed someone to mess with the numbers.
    3. Take a look at the map below from the Ohio Secretary of State. There are TWO counties with Hart machines. They are in green. That’s 2 out of 88 counties! Be very careful about jumping to conclusions without checking the details.


    • Hello Mike and Thanks for the Reply.

      For my part, I think the initial reports should at least be fact checked by the MSM (not Fox, but a more trustworthy source). In any case, ownership of voting machines or of companies owning voting machines is a conflict of interest that should be illegal. So I do support the petition for an investigation.

      I do agree that some liberal sites have ‘set their hair on fire.’ But it is the ambiguity/lack of transparency that has allowed them to do so.



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