US EV Sales Likely Hit 26,000 in June

The big surge in electrical vehicle sales within the U.S., primarily driven by clean energy leader Tesla, continues.

According to reports from Inside EVs, total U.S. EV sales are likely to hit near 26,000 for the month of June. Such sales increases have primarily been driven by Tesla — which sold over 11,000 EVs in the U.S. for the month — representing nearly half (42 percent) of the entire U.S. market.

(Unpacking why EVs are so important to confronting climate change.)

Tesla’s dominance was spear headed by its Model 3 — which sold over 6,000 in June to the U.S. (and approximately 2,000 to Canada). Meanwhile, combined Model S and Model X sales were in excess of 5,000 in the U.S.

Other U.S. clean energy vehicle leaders for the month of June included Toyota Prius Prime (a plug in hybrid electrical vehicle), the Nissan Leaf, The Chevy Bolt and the Chevy Volt (plug in hybrid). In total, all of these four models combined represented less sales than Tesla — approximately  5,900 in total or about 55 percent of Tesla’s sales. Of these, only the Prius Prime cracked the 2,000 mark (see more here).

(U.S. EV sales are rapidly increasing in 2018. Image source: Inside EVs.)

Overall, it appears that U.S. EV sales are likely to hit near 400,000 on the back of Tesla’s rapid expansion in production rates. In addition, GM has recently acknowledged that it is unable to meet high demand for the Bolt in the U.S. and has stated that production lines are set to expand by 20 percent. Though this is unlikely to satiate rising EV demand, it will add to the widening trend of ramping clean energy sales here.

GM recently saw big Bolt sales gains in South Korea. And the company recently acknowledged that it is not doing enough to meet consumer’s clean energy needs in North America. Though a bump from 26,000 to approximately 31,000 Bolts sold from 2017 to 2018 is a drop in the bucked compared to the approx 100,000 or more new EVs Tesla will be adding by itself vs 2017 (100,000 total EVs in 2017 to approx 200,000 total in 2018).

(Tesla hits past 5,000 Model 3’s per week in late June and early July. Image source: Bloomberg.)

Looking ahead, Tesla appears set to sell well in excess of 10,000 Model 3s alone in the U.S. in July as weekly production rates surge. According to Bloomberg’s Model 3 Tracker (image above), the company has sky-rocketed weekly Model 3 production rates to above 5,000 during late June and early July. And while some wag is likely between the mid 2,000s to mid 5,000s as Tesla continues to work on its lines, the company is on a clear path for increased production — aiming at another surge to 6,000 per week by August.

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  1. bostonblorp

     /  July 9, 2018

    New study, “Permafrost and wetland emissions could cut 1.5C carbon budget ‘by five years’”

    >> This “nice work” shows that even if we were to get net emissions to zero in the next few decades, emissions would need to fall further in order to stabilise temperatures at 1.5C or 2C

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  2. Jim

     /  July 9, 2018

    54 dead in Quebec heat wave. Nice to see physicians calling out the actions of their government. Good for them. From the report:

    “This is another wake-up call for us” said Kim Perrotta, executive director of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE). “We need to prepare our communities for the climate change that is coming, with adaptation plans that protect the health of Canadians. But more importantly, we need to take dramatic steps to reduce climate emissions as quickly as possible to slow climate change.”

    “We have to connect the dots,” added CAPE board member Dr. Larry Barzelai. “We need to recognize how our policies and actions contribute to climate change. We are promoting natural gas in B.C., diluted bitumen in Alberta, and dismantling a cap-and-trade program in Ontario. We are running out of time to save the planet for our children.”

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  3. kassy

     /  July 9, 2018

    Electric vehicles have all kinds of benefits. The old centre of Utrecht now has lots of shops but these days most deliveries are by electrical vehicles. This removes a whole lot of noise, poisonous particles and bad smelling air.

    Once you are used to that you don’t really want to go back. It’s a quality of life thing you did not knew was there because you are used to the old smelly poisonous ways.

    Next thing on the kill list should be non-electric mopeds.

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    • vastmandana

       /  July 9, 2018

      Agree! I got my used 2015 Leaf for 13k and will never go back… My two ICE vehicles sit idle… Will get um crushed once my longer range AWD Modle 3 arrives for snowy northern Idaho weather… Never considered spending this on a vehicle but I’ll never buy another and am supporting the ONLY industrialist actually trying to SAVE OUR FRIGGIN BUTTS!

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