Gordon’s Rains Expected to Persist

An analysis of Tropical Storm Gordon’s potential impacts related to a fixed weather pattern over the Central U.S.

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  1. Thank you, Robert! Your update struck many chords, and I had to smile and not groan: “Entanglements; firing rainstorms day after day – 5 days out, a continuation – just stick around” …. I think I watched the video five times!

    I expect to see some tornadoes spawned across the Mississippi Flatlands, and well recall when Natchez received straight-line winds/tornadoes twice in a month’s time, thanks to unstable weather crossing from the Louisiana Delta area…

    Gordon’s itinerary echoes mine, though I’ll be tailing by one day; his wake of rainfall will be interesting as my journey goes to Natchez, Greenville, Clarksdale, Memphis and over to Little Rock then back down Ark and leaving MSY in two weeks!

    I’m grateful that Gordon’s not trying to impersonate Katrina.
    I’m also grateful for your update.

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