Jebi — Worst Typhoon in 25 Years is Third Major Disaster to Strike Japan

The worst Typhoon in 25 years to strike Japan has forced 2 million to evacuate, injured at least 300, killed 9, and inflicted massive damage on the island nation. Jebi is the third major disaster to impact Japan during the Summer of 2018 — all of which have been influenced by human-caused climate change.

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  1. My heart goes out to Japan. The weather is terrifying.


  2. Abel Adamski

     /  September 5, 2018

    Shock horror (Well just a butt covering exercise on their on line site while the print media the older voters read promotes coal and withdrawing from the Paris Accord)
    However a very good article, they actually interviewed real scientists.
    And did a video on Sky News on how the globe has heated which is also good and accurate

    The divisive issue Australia can no longer ignore

    IT’S the life-and-death issue on which Australia is “irresponsible to the extreme”. And 30 leading experts in the field are furious.



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