OBX Wave Report March 10 — Another Gale Friday For Future

Morning surf training in the rough stuff. Another gale gathers. Atmospheric river aims at California. Friday For Future week 238. Big Oil is amoral. Elon Musk used Saudi money and possibly worse to buy Twitter.

OBX Wave Report Feb 20 — Waves South and Long Range Extremes

Small 0-2 foot waves north with 2-4 foot waves south. Meanwhile the US weather forecast coughs up some serious storms by early March from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes on eastward. Special tribute to the good humanitarian and clean energy work of President Carter on this President’s Day.


South American Heat and Wildfires — Climate Change and La Nina

Climate Change driven by fossil fuel burning is turning a typically mild natural variability feature called La Nina into a monstrous extreme heatwave, wildfire, and crop wrecking event for Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.

OBX Wave Report Feb 12 — Stormy With 4-9 Foot Surf

A nor’easter bring stormy conditions and 4-9 foot surf to the Outer Banks.

OBX Wave Report February 8 — A Big Swell With Another Nor’easter on the Way

Large 4-9 Foot Waves break on the Outer Banks as another nor’easter is predicted to form. The nor’easter is likely to bring gale force winds and heavy rain to the Outer Banks this weekend.

OBX Wave Report February 6 — 1-4 Foot Surf With a Hurricane Force Swell Building

A powerful nor’easter is set to kick up hurricane force winds off the US East Coast. Relatively small waves expected to build to 4-7 feet by Wednesday as they radiate out from this winter storm system. Larger US and North Atlantic analysis finds a powerful storm approaching Scandinavia and the Arctic as the Pacific returns to a more typical La Nina pattern.

Arctic Warming Pumped up by Bomb Cyclone Nor’Easter Spurs -108 F Wind Chill

A polar vortex smashed by warm winds from the North Atlantic and a bomb cyclone in Baffin Bay drove cold air and howling 127 mph hurricane gusts over Mt Washington to generate a record -108 F wind chill.

Friday For Future — Sea Level Rise, Storm Surge Poles, More Intense Cyclones

Storm surge poles are visible across the Outer Banks. These sentinels warn of potential flooding from powerful cyclones. Warming oceans and sea level rise make such flooding more likely.

California Storms Shift North, Another Round of Huge Waves Slam into Ireland

We may be seeing stormy conditions for California start to tamp down in the near future. Meanwhile, gnarly 35 foot waves strike Ireland.

Climate Change in News as Yet Another Bomb Cyclone Swirls Amidst 49 Foot Waves off California

California experiences record rainfall, waves, snows as storm after storm rolls in off a warmer than normal Pacific. Climate change impacts and responses discussed by climate scientists looking to future extreme weather for the state.

Ireland West Coast Big Wave Event Continues as Gales Roar In

Big waves pound Ireland pushed in by a series of powerful North Atlantic gales.

Biden Declares Emergency as Another Storm From Atmospheric River Slams California

Waves across the northern beaches range from 1-2 feet, south waves are in the range of 2-3 feet. At Buxton, waves are 3-4 feet. Cloudy with some rain as temps remain in the upper 40s and lower 50s. Clearing as afternoon progresses.

Lull For California as More Storms Lurk

Large swells roll in to California pushed in by a progression of storms. The state is experiencing a bit of a lull before the next stormy impulse later today and tomorrow.

Storm in Atmospheric River off California Boils With 47+ Foot Waves

A powerful storm off California is kicking up 47+ Foot waves and near hurricane force winds. This storm, embedded in an atmospheric river is expected to contribute to upwards of 20 inches of rain to parts of California over the next week.

Bomb Cyclone Expected to Impact UK Friday and Saturday

A bomb cyclone predicted to form in the North Atlantic is expected to strike the UK by Friday and Saturday with heavy rains, large waves, and gale force winds.

California Predicted to Experience Atmospheric River, Heavy Rains, Snow, 40+ Foot Waves Offshore

Extreme rain and snow along with strong winds and massive surf are predicted for California as a bomb cyclone taps an atmospheric river over the next 24-48 hours.

OBX Wave Report Jan 1 — 2023 Opens With Receding Swell East, Diminishing Pacific La Niña

A fun, rideable swell is expected to slowly recede for East facing OBX beaches. Meanwhile, in the Pacific, a dwindling La Nina may have impacts for summer of 2023.

A Path to The Edge

A path,

Old boards over sea grass,

Pines watch us walk,

Some wood already bone from the salt.


Running from the storm,

Mirror of calm disturbed,

Water locks with sky.

We come to the edge,


For now,

Force of nature surrounds.

Photos by Catherine Lynch, poetry by Robert Fanney.

OBX Wave Report December 28 — A Placid Build-up

A smallish swell builds across the Outer Banks with continued improvement predicted.

The Clean Energy Revolution is Here, But There Are No Silver Bullets

Breakthroughs in fusion, falling prices for clean energy, mass deployment of wind, solar, water, EVs, and a dire need for rapid climate action are all spurring a transition away from dirty fuels. But it needs to happen fast to save our coastlines and so many of the natural systems we all rely on.

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