OBX Wave Report March 20 — Smaller Waves as a Big Warm Up Gathers Steam

1-3 Foot waves break across the Outer Banks as the region looks forward to a massive warm up on Wednesday through Friday.

OBX Wave Report March 13 — Foam on the Beach, Wind Through the Pines

Large waves break across the Outer Banks in association with a gathering nor’easter that is expected to pummel the US northeast tonight through tomorrow.

Countering Climate Doom and a Retraction

In a previous special report I used a retweet by Terry Hughes of a tweet by Prof Eliot Jacobson to highlight an atmospheric river aimed at California and the fact that increased atmospheric heating adds water vapor to the Earth’s atmosphere. Though the fact is that the atmospheric river is likely enhanced by this increased moisture loading, I’d like to add a specific warning about Prof Jacobson’s larger messaging. And it is this — he consistently promotes inaccurate assertions of climate doomism. So, in this video essay, we’ll talk a little more about doomism, how to identify it, its fallacies, and how to counter it. (H/T to the Black Cat.)


OBX Wave Report March 10 — Another Gale Friday For Future

Morning surf training in the rough stuff. Another gale gathers. Atmospheric river aims at California. Friday For Future week 238. Big Oil is amoral. Elon Musk used Saudi money and possibly worse to buy Twitter.

Let’s Stop Conoco Philips Willow Project, Save our Climate and our Democracy

We can’t defend our coastlines if we keep burning fossil fuels. But we do have alternatives and we need to fully invest in them.

OBX Wave Report March 1 — 3-7 Foot With Barrels

Large easterly swell brings big barrels to the OBX.

Climate Science Chat — Polar Amplification, Coal Haulers, and Climate Change Denial

Today Climate Scientists are chatting about a number of subjects on social media. Let’s help them amplify their messaging.

Friday For Future Week 234 — Turkey Earthquake, Chile Fires, Fossil Fuel Profits

It’s Friday For Future Week 234. The 234th week that climate activates have been calling for emergency action to save the global climate system. This week the Turkey Earthquake reminds us how devastating natural disasters can be. And a climate system riled by fossil fuel burning will produce worse disasters if that harmful burning continues. Meanwhile climate scientists and clean energy experts point to making fossil fuel support laws unconstitutional.

OBX Wave Report February 10 — Nor’Easter Expected to Form Saturday Night

A strong nor’easter is expected to form on Saturday then track up the east coast. Present waves in the range of 2-4 feet are expected to build through Sunday along with the storm as gale warnings pop up. Good surf expected Monday and Tuesday following the storm.

The OBX Wave Report February 9 — A Gnarly Nor’Easter For the Weekend

Wave heights have tamped down to 3-6 feet in the wake of a hurricane force low that formed on Monday and Tuesday offshore. Surf conditions are likely to remain favorable in the mid-range of 2-6 feet over the next day. Then, a nor’easter is expected to form late Friday into Saturday near Georgia and track northward bringing gale force conditions and high surf.

Surfers Riding 4-7 Foot OBX Swells

Gorgeous monsters roll in from a hurricane force low on Wednesday, February 8 at Jennette’s Pier.

OBX Wave Report February 8 — A Big Swell With Another Nor’easter on the Way

Large 4-9 Foot Waves break on the Outer Banks as another nor’easter is predicted to form. The nor’easter is likely to bring gale force winds and heavy rain to the Outer Banks this weekend.

A Union of Concerned Scientists Friday For Future — Polar Vortex, Clean Energy, Science vs Hate

In this episode of the OBX Wave report, we promote the activist scientists who are doing so much to defend our coastlines, our oceans, our world, and to advance science as a force for justice and enlightenment.

Surreal Skies With Waves Marching Beneath

1-3 Foot waves beneath beautiful skies at Jennette’s Pier on Groundhog Day.

Climate Scientist Chat — Fusion vs Clean Energy and Record Low Global Sea Ice

Today’s climate scientist chatter on social media is dominated by the need to mass deploy wind and solar now and the likelihood that fusion won’t be ready for at least another decade even as it poses serious health risks. Meanwhile, one of the world’s top sea ice experts reports that global sea ice is hitting new lows.

The Girl Hero, The Beast, and The Ocean

Greta Thunberg was arrested in Germany protesting coal mines as fossil fuel burning and El Nino threaten building heat, extreme events.

OBX Wave Report Jan 12 — Retrograde Coastal Low to Kick up Surf

A front sweeping in from the west is expected to spawn a coastal low off the US East Coast. Waves across the Outer Banks are expected to rise to 2-6 feet over the weekend.

Ireland West Coast Big Wave Event Continues as Gales Roar In

Big waves pound Ireland pushed in by a series of powerful North Atlantic gales.

OBX Wave Report — Slightly Better Winter Surf Conditions; Special Report Features California, Ireland; Bigger Surf Predicted by Friday

Outer Banks wave conditions improved slightly overnight as a patch of cloudy and rainy weather encroached from the south. Special wave report focus on extreme conditions, large waves in California and Ireland. Longer term OBX wave forecast points toward a frontal storm possibly kicking up a large swell by Thursday and Friday.

A Jan 6 Friday For Future Walk on The Beach For Climate Action and Democracy Defense

Jennette’s Pier — where coastal defense and democracy defense meet on a thankfully peaceful Friday Jan 6, 2023.

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