Walk on the Beach For Democracy Defense and Climate Action — Inspired by Fascist Riots in Brazil

Walking on OBX beaches while advocating for the defense of democracy, climate action, clean energy leadership, and the defeat of resurgent fascism and authoritarianism.

A Jan 6 Friday For Future Walk on The Beach For Climate Action and Democracy Defense

Jennette’s Pier — where coastal defense and democracy defense meet on a thankfully peaceful Friday Jan 6, 2023.

Donating to Defend Democracy on Jan 6 — Southern Poverty Law Center

In our not-for-profit focus today, we’re highlighting the good work of the Southern Poverty Law Center in defending US democracy from right wing extremism, hate, tyranny, and injustice.

How Billy Mitchell’s Vision of Air Power Enabled Democracy Defense

Billy Mitchell was a visionary for air power in defense of democracy. A similar vision for clean energy in defense of democracy is needed for the 21st Century and beyond.

DOE Fusion Breakthrough a Milestone For Defending Coastlines From Climate Crisis

The US DOE has produced a fusion reaction with an energy return of 2.5 times that of the energy input by using a laser to ignite hydrogen fusion.

This fusion milestone comes amidst other rapid advances in clean energy and sustainability technology (wind, solar, water, EVs, green hydrogen etc) that enable escalating climate action to save coastal communities.

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