Global EV Sales Jumped by 75% in May

A clean energy production surge continues in transportation as global EV sales in May jumped by 75 percent from around 92,000 during 2017 to approximately 159,000 in 2018.

The big surge was led by major production increases from Tesla, BYD, and BAIC, with BMW and Volkswagen running close behind.

(Global EV production appears to be on track for between 1.8 and 2 million by end of 2018 led by Tesla, BYD, and BAIC.)

The large increase in EV interest comes as nations, states and cities move to address a combination of issues including bad air quality due to fossil fuel based vehicle use and increasing impacts from human caused climate change. Numerous cities set about to restrict or ban fossil fuel vehicle use to improve local health by reducing particulate emission and/or due concerns about threats to cities emerging from human caused climate change.

In addition, major state and national policies like those coming from China and California are incentivizing EV purchases even as more attractive and capable EV models are hitting the roads. The result is a kind of perfect storm for EV adoption expansion despite a wide-ranging misinformation campaign against EVs and EV leaders like Tesla spear-headed by the fossil fuel industry.

Overall, between 1.8 and 2 million EVs are likely to hit the roads in 2018. A number which appears set to double through 2020 as traditional automakers race to catch up to the likes of Tesla and the Chinese. As an example, 7 percent of BMW vehicles sold are now electric. A portion that is likely to rapidly expand over the next couple of years as the former all ICE manufacturer tries to fight off major competition from Tesla and others.

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