Climate Crisis Whiplash — 11th Atmospheric River of the Season Slams into California

California has swung hard from drought to flood in a much hotter than normal northern hemisphere atmosphere.

OBX Wave Report Feb 27 — Heat, Storms, Sea Level Rise, Waves

Good waves forecast this week as two fronts are predicted to sweep through, one tonight, and one Friday. The primary driver being an easterly wind pattern pushing swells in from the stormy, Winter North Atlantic. Larger discussion of climate change related impacts to extreme weather, heat, and sea level rise. Let’s get on board for the rapid global deployment of clean energy so we can save the OBX and so many other beautiful coastlines.


Climate Science Chat — Doom/Denial, Clean Energy, Sea Ice, Extreme Weather

A breakdown of this week’s chatter among climate scientists includes climate change denial, sea ice melt, extreme weather, and clean energy mass deployment. A special analysis of the positive impact of electric trucks.

OBX Wave Report Feb 23 — Southwest Winds and Winter Heat Continue

A major record-breaking heatwave grips the southeast as near gale force southwest winds run across the southern Outer Banks. Blizzard warnings remain up for parts of the US North. Passage of a front and northeast winds to bring better waves Friday through Sunday.

OBX Wave Report Feb 20 — Waves South and Long Range Extremes

Small 0-2 foot waves north with 2-4 foot waves south. Meanwhile the US weather forecast coughs up some serious storms by early March from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes on eastward. Special tribute to the good humanitarian and clean energy work of President Carter on this President’s Day.

Crazy OBX Rainfall as Massive Front Sweeps Through

Footage of severe rainfall and gale force winds sweeping across Kitty Hawk last night in the Outer Banks as a massive frontal storm swept through.

Storm Approaches Across Roanoke Sound

A frontal storm approaches from across Roanoke Sound.

Caught some rays of sunlight streaming down through the clouds ahead of the gale force winds and heavy rains.

Friday For Future — Sea Level Rise, Storm Surge Poles, More Intense Cyclones

Storm surge poles are visible across the Outer Banks. These sentinels warn of potential flooding from powerful cyclones. Warming oceans and sea level rise make such flooding more likely.

Record Hot Ocean Spawned Bomb Cyclones, Atmospheric Rivers, Setting off California Rains

The series of bomb cyclones and atmospheric rivers that slammed into California rose from hot Pacific Ocean waters. California still expected to see severe weather over next three days, but longer term weather models provide some hope for abatement.

California Storms Shift North, Another Round of Huge Waves Slam into Ireland

We may be seeing stormy conditions for California start to tamp down in the near future. Meanwhile, gnarly 35 foot waves strike Ireland.

Climate Change in News as Yet Another Bomb Cyclone Swirls Amidst 49 Foot Waves off California

California experiences record rainfall, waves, snows as storm after storm rolls in off a warmer than normal Pacific. Climate change impacts and responses discussed by climate scientists looking to future extreme weather for the state.

Ireland West Coast Big Wave Event Continues as Gales Roar In

Big waves pound Ireland pushed in by a series of powerful North Atlantic gales.

Biden Declares Emergency as Another Storm From Atmospheric River Slams California

Waves across the northern beaches range from 1-2 feet, south waves are in the range of 2-3 feet. At Buxton, waves are 3-4 feet. Cloudy with some rain as temps remain in the upper 40s and lower 50s. Clearing as afternoon progresses.

OBX Wave Report — Slightly Better Winter Surf Conditions; Special Report Features California, Ireland; Bigger Surf Predicted by Friday

Outer Banks wave conditions improved slightly overnight as a patch of cloudy and rainy weather encroached from the south. Special wave report focus on extreme conditions, large waves in California and Ireland. Longer term OBX wave forecast points toward a frontal storm possibly kicking up a large swell by Thursday and Friday.

Big Waves off Ireland, UK as Series of Storms Gather in the North Atlantic

Significant wave heights are in the range of 25-30 feet off Ireland as a progression of storms focuses on both Ireland and the UK over the next five days.

Lull For California as More Storms Lurk

Large swells roll in to California pushed in by a progression of storms. The state is experiencing a bit of a lull before the next stormy impulse later today and tomorrow.

Storm Predicted to Bring 30-35+ Foot Waves Just off Ireland

A bomb cyclone forecast to form in the North Atlantic is projected to sweep into Ireland and the UK bringing stormy conditions and 30-35+ foot waves just off Ireland.

Storm in Atmospheric River off California Boils With 47+ Foot Waves

A powerful storm off California is kicking up 47+ Foot waves and near hurricane force winds. This storm, embedded in an atmospheric river is expected to contribute to upwards of 20 inches of rain to parts of California over the next week.

OBX Wave Report Jan 4 — Front Sweeps in Kicking up Surf South

A front brings unseasonable warmth, strong southerly winds, and 3-4 foot waves south ahead of expected rainfall by evening on Jan 4.

Bomb Cyclone Expected to Impact UK Friday and Saturday

A bomb cyclone predicted to form in the North Atlantic is expected to strike the UK by Friday and Saturday with heavy rains, large waves, and gale force winds.

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