Begging For a Beat Down — Why Willow is Bad For America

A requiem Friday for Future episode of the OBX Wave Report where we talk about why funding the Willow Oil Project is a ridiculously bad choice for the USA

OBX Wave Report March 17 — Warm Day, 1-4 Foot Waves

Warm ahead of a front as 1-4 foot waves break across the Outer Banks on this Friday for Future.

OBX Wave Report March 10 — Another Gale Friday For Future

Morning surf training in the rough stuff. Another gale gathers. Atmospheric river aims at California. Friday For Future week 238. Big Oil is amoral. Elon Musk used Saudi money and possibly worse to buy Twitter.

Friday For Future Week 237 — Facing Fear to Win

On this Friday For Future week 237 we highlight how the heroic among us face fear to do things that don’t seem possible. It is this spirit that we must tap into to halt fossil fuel burning and mass deploy clean energy.

OBX Wave Report Feb 23 — Heat Records Shattered, Strong Winds as Waves Build

Slava Ukraine Friday for Future! Heat records have been shattered across the US southeast in the wake of a winter heat dome. Small, fun waves expected to build throughout the day as strong winds sweep in from the north. Storms to strike California, huge wave event for Central Atlantic, global heat in focus on this Friday for Future.


Friday For Future — Week 235, Cyclone Gabrielle, Ebikes and Clean Energy

Friday for Future focus on Cyclone Gabrielle, Magnum Ebikes and Clean Energy.

Friday For Future Week 234 — Turkey Earthquake, Chile Fires, Fossil Fuel Profits

It’s Friday For Future Week 234. The 234th week that climate activates have been calling for emergency action to save the global climate system. This week the Turkey Earthquake reminds us how devastating natural disasters can be. And a climate system riled by fossil fuel burning will produce worse disasters if that harmful burning continues. Meanwhile climate scientists and clean energy experts point to making fossil fuel support laws unconstitutional.

OBX Wave Report February 10 — Nor’Easter Expected to Form Saturday Night

A strong nor’easter is expected to form on Saturday then track up the east coast. Present waves in the range of 2-4 feet are expected to build through Sunday along with the storm as gale warnings pop up. Good surf expected Monday and Tuesday following the storm.

A Union of Concerned Scientists Friday For Future — Polar Vortex, Clean Energy, Science vs Hate

In this episode of the OBX Wave report, we promote the activist scientists who are doing so much to defend our coastlines, our oceans, our world, and to advance science as a force for justice and enlightenment.

OBX Wave Report Jan 27 — Holocaust Remembrance Day

In this Friday for Future episode of the OBX Wave Report, we remember the Holocaust and ask all wave carvers to dedicate their surf sessions today to never forgetting and to fighting hatred, fascism, and political violence.

Friday For Future Beach Meditations

1-2 Foot waves, skim boarding, and Friday for Future beach meditations on January 20th at Jennette’s Pier.

OBX Wave Report Jan 20 — Tribute to David Crosby Across 1-4 Foot Waves

Friday for Future edition of the OBX Wave Report tribute to the life of David Crosby finds 1-4 foot surf across the Outer Banks with smaller waves north and larger waves south.

A Jan 6 Friday For Future Walk on The Beach For Climate Action and Democracy Defense

Jennette’s Pier — where coastal defense and democracy defense meet on a thankfully peaceful Friday Jan 6, 2023.

Friday For Future at The Outer Banks Brewing Station

Local Outer Banks business proudly displays its commitment to clean energy.

OBX Wave Report December 30 — Surf Friday For Future

2-5 foot waves continue on another Friday For Future at the Outer Banks.

A 350 Friday For Future — Giving For Coastal Defense on Christmas Eve, Eve

A big part of fighting for coastal defense from climate crisis includes giving to support effective climate action organizations. One of the best is Special showing by Cat about mid-way through this livestream ;).

Friday For Future From Ocean Drive, Rodanthe as Rising Seas Claim Homes

A Friday For Future OBX Wave Report tribute focusing on loss of seaside homes due to rising oceans spurred on by fossil fuel burning.

Friday Walk on The Beach For Coastal Communities’ Future

A Friday walk for action to save coastal communities from rising sea levels and more intense storms. Shout out to the Friday For Future youth climate movement.

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