Powerful Current Beneath Blue Skies

Powerful cross-shore current at Jennette’s Pier on March 8.

Roiling Spray in the Rays of Dawn

A Gale pushes a powerful current and churning waves across the beach at Jennette’s Pier.

Surf and Backsplash

Strong north winds are causing the surf to rise in Nags Head on the afternoon of March 7.

OBX Wave Report March 7 — Ocean Gales

Big waves are coming to the Outer Banks driven by a series of ocean gales. Just completed surf session #14 and have had the pleasure of teaching a new surfer as well. Lots of motivation to get out into the waves!

Birds in the Waves Before a Gale

Birds drift in the waves at Jennette’s Pier ahead of a Gale.

OBX Wave Report Feb 18 Part 1 and 2 — 2-7 Feet as a Gale Moves Offshore

Rough 2-7 foot surf on the back side of a gale force frontal system.

Part 2 due to earlier internet interruption finds waves already calming down to 2-5 feet in the early evening.

Storm Clouds Gather Ahead of a Gale

A front pushes strong southwest winds ahead of a line of storms and gale force winds. Clouds cover the Outer Banks as rain begins to move in. Near shore break of 1-2 feet is followed by 5 foot swells offshore.

OBX Wave Report Feb 17 — Building Southwest Swell With Gale Warnings

On this Friday for Future in the Outer Banks, winds are building from the southwest as storms approach. With gale warnings up, larger surf is on the way.

Heavy Surf in The Eye of a Nor’Easter

4-8 Foot waves at Bath House in Nags Head as a nor’easter lurks off shore. 

OBX Wave Report Feb 11 — A Gathering Gale

A gale force nor’easter gathers as strong winds rush ashore ahead of the storm.

Arctic Warming Pumped up by Bomb Cyclone Nor’Easter Spurs -108 F Wind Chill

A polar vortex smashed by warm winds from the North Atlantic and a bomb cyclone in Baffin Bay drove cold air and howling 127 mph hurricane gusts over Mt Washington to generate a record -108 F wind chill.

OBX Wave Report Jan 26 — 2-8 Foot Surf Follows Behind Yesterday’s Gale

Large surf in the range of 2-5 foot north and 4-8 foot south pounds OBX beaches in the wake of yesterday’s gale.

Crazy OBX Rainfall as Massive Front Sweeps Through

Footage of severe rainfall and gale force winds sweeping across Kitty Hawk last night in the Outer Banks as a massive frontal storm swept through.

Storm Approaches Across Roanoke Sound

A frontal storm approaches from across Roanoke Sound.

Caught some rays of sunlight streaming down through the clouds ahead of the gale force winds and heavy rains.

OBX Wave Report Jan 24 — 1-2 Foot With Another Gale on The Way

A storm gathering over Texas is expected to kick up gale force winds and stormy conditions for the Outer Banks starting late Wednesday. Meanwhile, today, waves across the Outer Banks are in the range of 1-2 foot. Following December’s bomb cyclone, numerous fronts and yesterday’s hurricane force gust at Jennette’s Pier, a larger analysis of Winter of 2022-2023 weather trends for the Outer Banks is included for added local and regional context.

OBX Wave Report Jan 23 — Yesterday’s Hurricane Force Gust Followed By Big Barrels

A strong front associated with a storm sweeping up from the south raked Nags Head with a recorded wind gust of 75 mph at Jennette’s Pier on Sunday the 22nd. Today, reports indicate big barrels from S-Turns to Buxton.

Outer Banks Night With Heavy Surf

A Gale kicks up some night surf in the Outer Banks.

Gale Begins to Blow at Jennette’s Pier

The leading edge of a Gale kicks up at Jennette’s Pier on Jan 22.

OBX Wave Report Jan 22 — 1-2 Foot Building Through Monday

A storm sweeping in from the south is expected to kick up waves by Monday.

OBX Wave Report Jan 19 — 1-3 Foot With Southerly Winds Building

With another mildly stormy impulse sweeping in from the west expected to bring winds south and showers north, waves across the Outer Banks range from one to three feet. Off shore gales south expected to kick up waves by later today.

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