Spring Storm Rakes OBX Beaches

A spring nor’easter lashes the beach at Avalon Pier.

Sea Birds in Heavy Surf

Sea birds duck dive through heavy waves at Avalon Pier.

Pelicans in a Storm

Pelicans draft large waves at Jennette’s Pier on April 8.

Calm and Bright Before an OBX Nor’easter

1-2 foot waves break at Jennette’s Pier as Beachgoers enjoy temps in the middle to upper 70s. A front sweeping through by Friday is expected to bring a multi-day nor’easter with rough surf, gale force winds, and squalls. After the storm, waves for the middle of next week look glorious!


The OBX Wave Report April 5 — Glorious Day, El Nino Sign, Thunder + Nor’easter, 1-3 Footers

1-3 Foot waves break across the Outer Banks today as warm temps in the 70s and sunny skies entice beachgoers. Meanwhile, the Eastern Equatorial Pacific is starting to show signs of heating up into El Nino which may have an impact on the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Severe weather threatens the Central and Eastern US. And a Nor’easter is expected to rake the Outer Banks on Friday through Sunday.

Heavy Surf Through the Pylons

Heavy surf on Monday as seen through the Pylons at Jennette’s Pier.

OBX Wave Report March 13 — Foam on the Beach, Wind Through the Pines

Large waves break across the Outer Banks in association with a gathering nor’easter that is expected to pummel the US northeast tonight through tomorrow.

OBX Wave Report March 12 — Gray Pre-Nor-Easter Sunday

Very large 5-12 foot waves break across the Outer Banks on a pre-nor-easter Sunday.

OBX Wave Report March 6 — Great Surf Today, A Big Week Ahead

Went on a Dawn Patrol surf session with a new surfer today. Surf instruction is fun! good waves in the 3-5 foot range at Jennette’s Pier. A stormy ocean and gale force winds are likely to kick up big surf this week.

The OBX Wave Report March 3 — Greenland Heat and a Gale Warning Friday for Future

Greenland hits above freezing in March. Air rushing north toward the pole will displace cold Arctic air, forcing it onto the lower 48. This cold air is expected to come into collision with hotter than normal air over the ocean. The result may set off powerful nor’easters for the eastern seaboard by Saturday of next week.

OBX Wave Report Feb 12 — Stormy With 4-9 Foot Surf

A nor’easter bring stormy conditions and 4-9 foot surf to the Outer Banks.

Heavy Surf in The Eye of a Nor’Easter

4-8 Foot waves at Bath House in Nags Head as a nor’easter lurks off shore. 

OBX Wave Report Feb 11 — A Gathering Gale

A gale force nor’easter gathers as strong winds rush ashore ahead of the storm.

Northeast Winds Kick up Surf as Storm Gathers to the South

15-25 mph northeast winds and building surf as seen from Jennette’s Pier on February 11 as a storm gathers to the south.

The OBX Wave Report February 9 — A Gnarly Nor’Easter For the Weekend

Wave heights have tamped down to 3-6 feet in the wake of a hurricane force low that formed on Monday and Tuesday offshore. Surf conditions are likely to remain favorable in the mid-range of 2-6 feet over the next day. Then, a nor’easter is expected to form late Friday into Saturday near Georgia and track northward bringing gale force conditions and high surf.

OBX Wave Report February 8 — A Big Swell With Another Nor’easter on the Way

Large 4-9 Foot Waves break on the Outer Banks as another nor’easter is predicted to form. The nor’easter is likely to bring gale force winds and heavy rain to the Outer Banks this weekend.

OBX Wave Report February 6 — 1-4 Foot Surf With a Hurricane Force Swell Building

A powerful nor’easter is set to kick up hurricane force winds off the US East Coast. Relatively small waves expected to build to 4-7 feet by Wednesday as they radiate out from this winter storm system. Larger US and North Atlantic analysis finds a powerful storm approaching Scandinavia and the Arctic as the Pacific returns to a more typical La Nina pattern.

Arctic Warming Pumped up by Bomb Cyclone Nor’Easter Spurs -108 F Wind Chill

A polar vortex smashed by warm winds from the North Atlantic and a bomb cyclone in Baffin Bay drove cold air and howling 127 mph hurricane gusts over Mt Washington to generate a record -108 F wind chill.

OBX Wave Report Jan 15 — Big and Chilly

North facing OBX beaches are seeing waves at 4-9 feet with near gale force winds and temperatures in the mid 30s.

The OBX Wave Report December 13 — 14-16 Foot Waves Slam North Buxton

A coastal low off the US Northeast kicks up an already large swell.

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