Begging For a Beat Down — Why Willow is Bad For America

A requiem Friday for Future episode of the OBX Wave Report where we talk about why funding the Willow Oil Project is a ridiculously bad choice for the USA

OBX Wave Report March 20 — Smaller Waves as a Big Warm Up Gathers Steam

1-3 Foot waves break across the Outer Banks as the region looks forward to a massive warm up on Wednesday through Friday.

Cobalt Blue Skies, White Gulls

2-4 foot waves break beneath cobalt blue skies as white gulls fly overhead.

Let’s Stop Conoco Philips Willow Project, Save our Climate and our Democracy

We can’t defend our coastlines if we keep burning fossil fuels. But we do have alternatives and we need to fully invest in them.

OBX Wave Report March 7 — Ocean Gales

Big waves are coming to the Outer Banks driven by a series of ocean gales. Just completed surf session #14 and have had the pleasure of teaching a new surfer as well. Lots of motivation to get out into the waves!

North Wind and Chop Arrives

Early morning surf session with new surfer Louise followed by string north wind and chop.

OBX Wave Report March 2 — East Swell Sends Good Waves to Most Beaches, Gale Watches up For Friday

Smaller swell today with glassy waves. Gale watches are up as a major storm approaches from the west.

OBX Wave Report Feb 27 — Heat, Storms, Sea Level Rise, Waves

Good waves forecast this week as two fronts are predicted to sweep through, one tonight, and one Friday. The primary driver being an easterly wind pattern pushing swells in from the stormy, Winter North Atlantic. Larger discussion of climate change related impacts to extreme weather, heat, and sea level rise. Let’s get on board for the rapid global deployment of clean energy so we can save the OBX and so many other beautiful coastlines.


OBX Wave Report Feb 23 — Heat Records Shattered, Strong Winds as Waves Build

Slava Ukraine Friday for Future! Heat records have been shattered across the US southeast in the wake of a winter heat dome. Small, fun waves expected to build throughout the day as strong winds sweep in from the north. Storms to strike California, huge wave event for Central Atlantic, global heat in focus on this Friday for Future.

OBX Wave Report Feb 17 — Building Southwest Swell With Gale Warnings

On this Friday for Future in the Outer Banks, winds are building from the southwest as storms approach. With gale warnings up, larger surf is on the way.

OBX Wave Report Feb 14 — Well Wishing For Nathan Florence + Good OBX Surf

A well-wishing for Nathan Florence following his injury after surfing some sick 25 foot barrels at Jaws. Also, much smaller but still fun 2-4 foot surf is presently breaking on the Outer Banks this Valentine’s Day. Shout out to Cat, my sweetie these 22 years. Don’t forget your sweeties today!

OBX Wave Report February 10 — Nor’Easter Expected to Form Saturday Night

A strong nor’easter is expected to form on Saturday then track up the east coast. Present waves in the range of 2-4 feet are expected to build through Sunday along with the storm as gale warnings pop up. Good surf expected Monday and Tuesday following the storm.

The OBX Wave Report February 9 — A Gnarly Nor’Easter For the Weekend

Wave heights have tamped down to 3-6 feet in the wake of a hurricane force low that formed on Monday and Tuesday offshore. Surf conditions are likely to remain favorable in the mid-range of 2-6 feet over the next day. Then, a nor’easter is expected to form late Friday into Saturday near Georgia and track northward bringing gale force conditions and high surf.

OBX Wave Report February 8 — A Big Swell With Another Nor’easter on the Way

Large 4-9 Foot Waves break on the Outer Banks as another nor’easter is predicted to form. The nor’easter is likely to bring gale force winds and heavy rain to the Outer Banks this weekend.

Hurricane Force Swell Arrives in OBX

A hurricane force low begins to unload its swell on the Outer Banks.

Surfer Advocacy — Mass Deploying Clean Energy For Coastal Defense

Environmental advocacy for the mass deployment of clean energy for coastal defense.

OBX Wave Report February 5 — A Surprise Nor’easter and 1-5 Foot Surf

A warm front ushers in strong southerly winds across the south beaches kicking up waves to 2-5 feet. North, waves are small in the 1-2 foot range ahead of the front with rain and strong south winds moving in. Weather models point to a possible surprise Nor’easter forming over the next 12-24 hours off the US East Coast.

OBX Wave Report February 4 — A Chilly Polar Vortex Smash with 3-7 Foot Surf

Temperatures range from the lower to middle 30s across the Outer Banks as warm winds smash the Arctic Polar Vortex. Meanwhile, north-east winds kick up 3-7 foot swells.

A Union of Concerned Scientists Friday For Future — Polar Vortex, Clean Energy, Science vs Hate

In this episode of the OBX Wave report, we promote the activist scientists who are doing so much to defend our coastlines, our oceans, our world, and to advance science as a force for justice and enlightenment.

OBX Wave Report February 3 — 2-3 Foot as Cold Blast Moves In

Strong northwest winds are blowing across the Outer Banks behind a cold front sweeping through. Waves in the range of 2-3 foot likely to be chopped up by northwest winds. Rain moving out and chill moving in for tonight and tomorrow. Big Warm up likely for next week. Larger weather and climate discussion of extreme cold for the northeast to be followed by a shift to much warmer than normal temperatures by Monday and Tuesday and moving on into next week.

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