OBX Wave Report March 19 — North Wind Chop Across a Green Ocean

1-3 Foot waves break across the Outer Banks out of a green ocean chopped up by a north wind. Beautiful clear evening with a likely spectacular sunset.

Green and Choppy at Second Street Beach Access

Green and choppy at Second Street Beach Access Kitty Hawk on March 19.

OBX Wave Report March 18 — Clouds, Cold Ocean, Rain, 1-6 Foot Waves

A front sweeps through the Outer Banks bringing rain and a little rough surf. Clearing by nightfall.

The OBX Wave Report March 16 — 1-4 Feet Ahead of a Storm Front

1-4 foot waves break across the Outer Banks on March 16. A storm front approaching from the west will bring gale force gusts south Friday and rain Saturday. In weather and climate news — a nor’easter may form off the Outer Banks by Wednesday of next week and an atmospheric river is expected to deliver more storms to California on Monday and Tuesday. More in depth weather and climate analysis throughout.


Graceful Faces Fall Across the Sandbar

Graceful 2-4 foot waves north of Jennette’s Pier on March 15.

Strong West Wind and Breakers

Strong west winds feather the breakers at Jennette’s Pier on March 14.

The OBX Wave Report March 14 — Big, Cold and Sunny

4-10 foot waves break across the Outer Banks on Tuesday March 14.

Heavy Surf Through the Pylons

Heavy surf on Monday as seen through the Pylons at Jennette’s Pier.

Feathered Spray in the Cold

Spray feathers off large waves as seen from Jennette’s Pier on March 13.

A Nor’easter Ocean

A storm riled ocean kicks up big waves at Jennette’s Pier on March 13.

OBX Wave Report March 12 — Gray Pre-Nor-Easter Sunday

Very large 5-12 foot waves break across the Outer Banks on a pre-nor-easter Sunday.

Foamy Corolla

Big foamy waves at Corolla on a pre nor-easter Sunday. We drove a Nissan down the beach. Not recommended!

Misty Rain and a Gale Warning

4-7 Foot waves break off Jennette’s Pier beneath misty rain with near coastal waters under a Gale warning. A sea bird swims in the shore break.

OBX Wave Report March 10 — Another Gale Friday For Future

Morning surf training in the rough stuff. Another gale gathers. Atmospheric river aims at California. Friday For Future week 238. Big Oil is amoral. Elon Musk used Saudi money and possibly worse to buy Twitter.

Dusk Patrol and the March Surf Rumble

3-5 foot waves rumble in the dusk at Jennette’s Pier on March 9.

OBX Wave Report March 8 — Strong North Wind and Swell

Gale force winds are pushing an 8-9 foot swell toward the Outer Banks from the north. Beaches are now seeing waves in the range of 3-7 feet with a stiff cross shore current. March looking stormy for much of the US as a trough dips down from the Arctic.

Surf and Backsplash

Strong north winds are causing the surf to rise in Nags Head on the afternoon of March 7.

OBX Wave Report March 7 — Ocean Gales

Big waves are coming to the Outer Banks driven by a series of ocean gales. Just completed surf session #14 and have had the pleasure of teaching a new surfer as well. Lots of motivation to get out into the waves!

OBX Wave Report March 6 — Great Surf Today, A Big Week Ahead

Went on a Dawn Patrol surf session with a new surfer today. Surf instruction is fun! good waves in the 3-5 foot range at Jennette’s Pier. A stormy ocean and gale force winds are likely to kick up big surf this week.

Silver Swells in the March OBX Morning

Beautiful waves off Jennette’s Pier with surfers dancing in the foam.

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