OBX Wave Report Feb 22 — Winter Heat and Waves

Major storm system sets off blizzard conditions in central north. An freaky heatwave blankets the southeast. Warm ocean waters counter-balance El Nino in hurricane forecast for summer. Beginning of the end for sea ice? Waves are fun and small here in the OBX!

The OBX Wave Report Gets Wet

Surf session #7 at Jennette’s Pier on February 17 on a BZ bodyboard in 1-2 foot surf. First recording from the surf to test out GoPro Floatie + Bite Mount for surfing recording and weather observations. Many more to follow.

OBX Wave Report Feb 12 — Stormy With 4-9 Foot Surf

A nor’easter bring stormy conditions and 4-9 foot surf to the Outer Banks.

Heavy Surf in The Eye of a Nor’Easter

4-8 Foot waves at Bath House in Nags Head as a nor’easter lurks off shore. 

Northeast Winds Kick up Surf as Storm Gathers to the South

15-25 mph northeast winds and building surf as seen from Jennette’s Pier on February 11 as a storm gathers to the south.

The OBX Wave Report February 9 — A Gnarly Nor’Easter For the Weekend

Wave heights have tamped down to 3-6 feet in the wake of a hurricane force low that formed on Monday and Tuesday offshore. Surf conditions are likely to remain favorable in the mid-range of 2-6 feet over the next day. Then, a nor’easter is expected to form late Friday into Saturday near Georgia and track northward bringing gale force conditions and high surf.


OBX Wave Report February 8 — A Big Swell With Another Nor’easter on the Way

Large 4-9 Foot Waves break on the Outer Banks as another nor’easter is predicted to form. The nor’easter is likely to bring gale force winds and heavy rain to the Outer Banks this weekend.

Grey Atlantic Waves Ahead of an Ocean Storm

Glassy 1-2 waves at Jennette’s Pier on February 5th as a storm rolls in.

Wrap Around Swells, Storm Moving In, Fast Current Sweeps Balloon Under The Pier

Strong southwest winds drive a ripping longshore current, knocks spray off the waves, pushes a balloon through the swell and sweeps it under Jennette’s Pier. The balloon in the surf provides an indicator of current speed at about 6:30 in the video.

OBX Wave Report Jan 25 — Surf Set to Build as a Storm Rolls In

Small waves in the range of 0-2 feet are set to build to 2-8+ feet later today as a massive frontal system sweeps in bringing gale force winds and possible thunderstorms.

OBX Wave Report Jan 23 — Yesterday’s Hurricane Force Gust Followed By Big Barrels

A strong front associated with a storm sweeping up from the south raked Nags Head with a recorded wind gust of 75 mph at Jennette’s Pier on Sunday the 22nd. Today, reports indicate big barrels from S-Turns to Buxton.

Outer Banks Night With Heavy Surf

A Gale kicks up some night surf in the Outer Banks.

OBX Wave Report Jan 22 — 1-2 Foot Building Through Monday

A storm sweeping in from the south is expected to kick up waves by Monday.

OBX Wave Report MLK Day — Ocean Storm Kicks Up Large Swell

4-9 foot waves roll in from an increasingly distant storm.

OBX Wave Report Jan 15 — Big and Chilly

North facing OBX beaches are seeing waves at 4-9 feet with near gale force winds and temperatures in the mid 30s.

State of Emergency Declared For California Under Continuous Stormy Conditions

An atmospheric river delivers an ongoing series of storms to California.

Storm in Atmospheric River off California Boils With 47+ Foot Waves

A powerful storm off California is kicking up 47+ Foot waves and near hurricane force winds. This storm, embedded in an atmospheric river is expected to contribute to upwards of 20 inches of rain to parts of California over the next week.

Bomb Cyclone Expected to Impact UK Friday and Saturday

A bomb cyclone predicted to form in the North Atlantic is expected to strike the UK by Friday and Saturday with heavy rains, large waves, and gale force winds.

OBX Wave Report December 31 — A Li’l Bit Stormy

A front sweeps in bringing wind, larger surf, and mildly stormy conditions.

OBX Wave Report December 23 — Bomb Cyclone Spurs Big Waves, Minor Coastal Flooding

A coastal low associated with a larger bomb cyclone over the Great Lakes region is kicking off gale force winds, minor coastal flooding, and big surf for the Outer Banks.

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