OBX Wave Report June 7 — Small and Smokey

Small 1-3 foot waves break across the #OBX on June 7 as smoke from over 400 US wildfires darkens the skies. Serious climate crisis fingerprint in these fires and yet more impetus to mass deploy clear energy to save our coastlines, beaches and so many other good things. #surfing #surfreport


OBX Wave Report June 6 — 2-3 Foot on Another Gorgeous Day

Glassy 2-3 foot waves break across the #OBX on June 6. Find a good sand bar break and have fun anywhere from Buxton to Corolla as air temps in the 70s and ocean water temps in the upper 60s to around 70 allow for light or no wetsuit for the more adventurous. #surfing #surfreport

OBX Wave Report June 5 — 2-4 Foot on a Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful day in the #OBX with 2-4 foot waves, bright sun, and 70 degree temperatures. Calming winds likely to bring better surf now through late Tuesday. Another expert hurricane agency predicts an above average year for cyclones due to warmer than normal oceans. #surfing #surfreport

OBX Wave Report June 4 — 4-8 Foot With Better Conditions on the Way

A still 20-35 mph Northeast wind has kicked up rough 4-8 foot waves today. But the sun is beginning to break out and calmer, cleaner waves also with better weather is on the wave for Monday and Tuesday. #OBX #surfing #surfreport

OBX Wave Report June 3 — 1-4 Foot With Another Storm on the Way

1-4 foot waves break across the #OBX as another coastal storm front gathers. This storm is expected to bring 4-7 foot waves by Sunday morning. Expected clearing and more summer like conditions next week starting Monday! #surfing #surfreport

OBX Wave Report June 2 — 2-4 Foot and a Tropical Fizzle

2-4 Foot Waves break across the #OBX on this Friday June 2 as a tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico fails to reach tropical storm strength. #surfing #surfreport

OBX Wave Report June 1 — 2-4 Foot + A Gulf Tropical Depression

2-4 foot waves break across the #OBX as a tropical depression forms in the hotter than normal Gulf of Mexico. #surfing #surfreport

OBX Wave Report May 31 — Stormy With a Slight Chance of Cyclone

3-7 foot waves break across the #OBX today as a stalker front continues to usher in strong northeast winds. This stalled front drapes across the Gulf of Mexico where the National Hurricane Center indicates a slight 20 percent chance of cyclone development. Otherwise waves are expected to steadily moderate as we head toward weekend. #surfing #surfreport

OBX Wave Report May 30 — Fun and Frothy

2-5 foot waves break across the #OBX on May 30 as a near shore front continues to provide an on shore flow. #surfing #surfreport

OBX Wave Report May 29 — Memorial Day Surfing at Shell Island

Waves at Wilmington today are 1-3 feet as 1-4 foot waves break across the #OBX on this Memorial Day. #surfing #surfreport

OBX Wave Report May 28 — Calmer Conditions

Calming conditions on the bank side of a storm brings 3-7 foot waves to #OBX and Carolina beaches. Filmed from Wrightsville Beach. #surfing #surfreport

OBX Wave Report May 27 — Powerful Gale Buffets Wrightsville Beach

6-10+ foot waves pummel the #OBX and eastern North Carolina on Saturday, May 27. #surfing #storm #surfreport

The OBX Wave Report May 26 — A Gale Force Friday For Future

A coastal storm produces gale force winds and 4-9 foot surf across the #OBX on this Friday For Future. #surfing #fridaysforfuture #surfreport

OBX Wave Report May 25 — Coastal Storm Begins To Gather Strength

4-7 foot waves break across the #OBX today as a powerful coastal storm begins to form. According to The National Hurricane Center, this storm has a 10 percent chance to become a tropical cyclone. Regardless, heavy rains and gale force winds are expected to impact the #OBX over the coming days as waves rise to 6-10+ feet. #surfing #surfreport

OBX Wave Report May 24 — Big and Stormy

5-7 foot waves break across the #OBX as a powerful coastal storm is expected to develop Thursday through Saturday — bringing tropical storm force winds off the Carolinas. Surf by Friday is expected to increase to 6-10 feet+ for most east-facing beaches. Sunday, however, looks like an excellent surf day. #surfing #surfreport

OBX Wave Report May 23 — 4-7 Foot and A Coastal Storm Incoming

Gnarly, rough 4-7 foot conditions today as two coastal storms are expected to kick up the #surf today through Saturday. #OBX #surfing #surfreport

OBX Wave Report May 22 — Fair to Choppy, 2-4 Foot, Fun

2-4 foot waves break across the #OBX today with fair to choppy conditions and gorgeous beach weather. #surfing #surfreport

OBX Wave Report May 21 — Choppy and Sloppy Surf on Day 2 of USA Prime

Choppy 2-4 foot waves break across the east facing #OBX beaches on day 2 of the USA Prime #Surfing Competition. #surfreport

OBX Wave Report May 20 — Gorgeous 4-7 Foot Waves at The USA Prime Surfing Competition

4-7 foot waves break across the #OBX as the USA Prime Surfing Competition gets into full swing. #surfing #surfreport

OBX Wave Report May 19 — Large, Stormy Seas Before USA Prime Surfing Competition

Surfers practice in 4-7 foot storm waves off Jennette’s Pier before the USA Prime surfing competition. #surfing #OBX #surfreport

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