Purple Evening

Shades of purple in an OBX evening sky.

Clouds, Chop, and a Controlled Burn

Surf and Backsplash

Strong north winds are causing the surf to rise in Nags Head on the afternoon of March 7.

OBX Wave Report March 7 — Ocean Gales

Big waves are coming to the Outer Banks driven by a series of ocean gales. Just completed surf session #14 and have had the pleasure of teaching a new surfer as well. Lots of motivation to get out into the waves!

Small Morning Waves Before the Big North Swell

Getting into the water for an early morning session before a strong north wind arrives to chop up the surf.

OBX Wave Report March 6 — Great Surf Today, A Big Week Ahead

Went on a Dawn Patrol surf session with a new surfer today. Surf instruction is fun! good waves in the 3-5 foot range at Jennette’s Pier. A stormy ocean and gale force winds are likely to kick up big surf this week.

Silver Swells in the March OBX Morning

Beautiful waves off Jennette’s Pier with surfers dancing in the foam.

Dawn Patrol Surf School

Teaching a fellow surfer this morning at Jennette’s Pier. Beautiful 3-4 foot waves on March 6.

OBX Wave Report March 4 — Brilliant Surf

Brilliant, warm beaches despite a northwest wind. Beautiful, hollow, 1-3 foot waves across the Outer Banks on Saturday March 4.

Shining Morning Surf Session

Strong northwest winds, warm conditions, small but well shaped waves at Jennette’s Pier on March 4.

Surreal Surf and Sky

Surreal 3-6 footers at Jennette’s Pier.

Thunder at Avon

7 foot faces at Avon on March 1.

Rodanthe’s Feathered Sky and Wild Rollers

Wild rollers break at Rodanthe on March 1.

4-6 Foot Pilon Smashers

4-6 foot waves at Jennette’s. No surfers. What up dudes?

Sick Barrel Wipeout at Avon Pier on February 28

This beautiful barrel got away from me at Avon yesterday. Got board into a nearly perfect position. But didn’t quite get the rail set before the wave face rapidly steepened. The result was me taking a splash in the barrel as the board got pulled up and over the falls inside the barrel. I’m on the hunt for another one of these beautiful beasts to dance with. We’ll get there!

Above is a still image from inside the barrel as the board was hurled over the falls. So gorgeous!

OBX Wave Report Feb 28 — Small and Glassy With More Waves in the Pipe

Small, glassy waves Tuesday are expected to improve on Wednesday as a swell arrives from an ocean storm to the east. Though the best waves are expected Wednesday, favorable conditions are expected to continue through early Friday.

OBX Wave Report Feb 25 — Nor’easter Light

A light nor’easter sweeps across the Outer Banks bringing cooler weather, rain, and larger 2-4 foot surf. Weather expected to improve tomorrow with decent surf conditions expected. Out west, a severe storm system hammers California with heavy precipitation.

Stormy OBX Breakers

2-5 foot surf at Bathhouse on February 25.

Kite Surfers in the Distance

Two kite surfers carving some waves south of Avalon Pier.

OBX Surf — Pristine and Peaceful

Pristine and peaceful surf at Jennette’s Pier on February 24.

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