Wind Turbine Research and Wave Riders

Radar antenna used to track ocean currents for wind turbine construction are being erected at Jennette’s Pier. Meanwhile as surfer catches a short little ride.

March Day at the Beach — Surfers and Sunbathers

Surfers and beach-goers at Jennette’s Pier on March 16.

Climate Science Chat — The Heat Will Kill You First, War, and Sustainability

In this OBX Wave Report Climate Science Chat edition we highlight a new book by Jeff Goodell, discuss sustainability and the war in Ukraine.

OBX Wave Report Feb 15 — Big Waves Blow a Hole in Arctic Sea Ice

Waves across the Outer Banks are in the range of 1-3 feet today. Meanwhile, huge 10-20 foot waves recently blew a big hole in the Arctic Sea Ice north of Svalbard. Heading to the beaches for a winter surf session! And a GoPro is on the way!

Surfers, Dolphins, Storm Clouds

Surfers in the line up, dolphins offshore, storm clouds overhead. All the things are happening this January afternoon at Jennette’s Pier.

Surfers and Bodyboarders Shredding it at Jennette’s Pier

Beautiful blue-green barrels at Jennette’s Pier on Jan 23rd.

Surfers Enjoy Small OBX Waves

A pair of surfers enjoy an afternoon session on January 12 at Jennette’s Pier.

Fun Knee to Waist High Waves at Jennette’s Pier

Surfers enjoy calm and glassy swells at Jennette’s Pier on December 29.

The OBX Wave Report December 18 — Coastal Low or No?

Waves remain calm but rideable across the Outer Banks today as the storm forecast for Friday shifts inland.

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