OBX Wave Report March 18 — Clouds, Cold Ocean, Rain, 1-6 Foot Waves

A front sweeps through the Outer Banks bringing rain and a little rough surf. Clearing by nightfall.

New Surfer’s First Stand Up

New surfer stands up for the first time in the white water near Avon Pier on March 17.

Wind Turbine Research and Wave Riders

Radar antenna used to track ocean currents for wind turbine construction are being erected at Jennette’s Pier. Meanwhile as surfer catches a short little ride.

Two Surfers — A Quick Ride

Two surfers catch a wave at Jennette’s Pier on March 16.

OBX Wave Report March 15 — Chill Northwest Winds, Smaller Surf

2-5 foot waves break across the Outer Banks on March 15th.

A Nor’easter Ocean

A storm riled ocean kicks up big waves at Jennette’s Pier on March 13.

OBX Wave Report March 13 — Foam on the Beach, Wind Through the Pines

Large waves break across the Outer Banks in association with a gathering nor’easter that is expected to pummel the US northeast tonight through tomorrow.

OBX Wave Report March 11 — Likely Big Barrels at Buxton

A large swell moves in from the east as strong winds blow from the west. This is a recipe for barrels here on the Outer Banks.

Misty Rain and a Gale Warning

4-7 Foot waves break off Jennette’s Pier beneath misty rain with near coastal waters under a Gale warning. A sea bird swims in the shore break.

Dusk Patrol and the March Surf Rumble

3-5 foot waves rumble in the dusk at Jennette’s Pier on March 9.

Heavy Avalon Shore Break

Powerful shore break at Avalon Pier on March 8.

White and Wild

Heavy chop on the afternoon of March 7 at Jennette’s Pier at 415 PM.

OBX Wave Report March 7 — Ocean Gales

Big waves are coming to the Outer Banks driven by a series of ocean gales. Just completed surf session #14 and have had the pleasure of teaching a new surfer as well. Lots of motivation to get out into the waves!

Small Morning Waves Before the Big North Swell

Getting into the water for an early morning session before a strong north wind arrives to chop up the surf.

OBX Wave Report March 6 — Great Surf Today, A Big Week Ahead

Went on a Dawn Patrol surf session with a new surfer today. Surf instruction is fun! good waves in the 3-5 foot range at Jennette’s Pier. A stormy ocean and gale force winds are likely to kick up big surf this week.

Silver Swells in the March OBX Morning

Beautiful waves off Jennette’s Pier with surfers dancing in the foam.

First Time Surfer Braves 3-5 Foot Waves

Louise with that after surf grin following her surf session #1 in the Outer Banks.

Dawn Patrol Surf School

Teaching a fellow surfer this morning at Jennette’s Pier. Beautiful 3-4 foot waves on March 6.

OBX Wave Report March 4 — Brilliant Surf

Brilliant, warm beaches despite a northwest wind. Beautiful, hollow, 1-3 foot waves across the Outer Banks on Saturday March 4.

Friday For Future Week 237 — Facing Fear to Win

On this Friday For Future week 237 we highlight how the heroic among us face fear to do things that don’t seem possible. It is this spirit that we must tap into to halt fossil fuel burning and mass deploy clean energy.

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