OBX Wave Report March 19 — North Wind Chop Across a Green Ocean

1-3 Foot waves break across the Outer Banks out of a green ocean chopped up by a north wind. Beautiful clear evening with a likely spectacular sunset.

A Nor’easter Ocean

A storm riled ocean kicks up big waves at Jennette’s Pier on March 13.

Misty Rain and a Gale Warning

4-7 Foot waves break off Jennette’s Pier beneath misty rain with near coastal waters under a Gale warning. A sea bird swims in the shore break.

Powerful Current Beneath Blue Skies

Powerful cross-shore current at Jennette’s Pier on March 8.

OBX Wave Report March 8 — Strong North Wind and Swell

Gale force winds are pushing an 8-9 foot swell toward the Outer Banks from the north. Beaches are now seeing waves in the range of 3-7 feet with a stiff cross shore current. March looking stormy for much of the US as a trough dips down from the Arctic.

OBX Wave Report Feb 18 Part 1 and 2 — 2-7 Feet as a Gale Moves Offshore

Rough 2-7 foot surf on the back side of a gale force frontal system.

Part 2 due to earlier internet interruption finds waves already calming down to 2-5 feet in the early evening.

Storm Clouds Gather Ahead of a Gale

A front pushes strong southwest winds ahead of a line of storms and gale force winds. Clouds cover the Outer Banks as rain begins to move in. Near shore break of 1-2 feet is followed by 5 foot swells offshore.

Dolphins and a Bodyboarder — Beautiful Gray Shapes Amongst The Waves

A pod of Dolphins swims through the near shore waters of the Outer Banks on February 15.

OBX Wave Report Feb 13 — Nor’Easter Tracks Offshore, Warm Week Ahead

2-5 foot waves are breaking across the Outer Banks as strong to gale force northwest winds are starting to blow out the swell on many beaches. Warmer days and smaller waves are forecast for the coming week.

Calm Day With 1-3 Foot Waves

Warm temps and calm surf at Jennette’s Pier on February 10.

Late Evening 5-8 Foot Surf at Avalon Pier

Large swell from distant North Atlantic storm pounds the Outer Banks at Avalon Pier.

OBX Wave Report February 6 — 1-4 Foot Surf With a Hurricane Force Swell Building

A powerful nor’easter is set to kick up hurricane force winds off the US East Coast. Relatively small waves expected to build to 4-7 feet by Wednesday as they radiate out from this winter storm system. Larger US and North Atlantic analysis finds a powerful storm approaching Scandinavia and the Arctic as the Pacific returns to a more typical La Nina pattern.


Grey Atlantic Waves Ahead of an Ocean Storm

Glassy 1-2 waves at Jennette’s Pier on February 5th as a storm rolls in.

OBX Wave Report February 5 — A Surprise Nor’easter and 1-5 Foot Surf

A warm front ushers in strong southerly winds across the south beaches kicking up waves to 2-5 feet. North, waves are small in the 1-2 foot range ahead of the front with rain and strong south winds moving in. Weather models point to a possible surprise Nor’easter forming over the next 12-24 hours off the US East Coast.

Low Tide With Waves Slamming the Sand Bar, Rip Currents, and Sanderlings

Evening low tide at Jennette’s Pier brings 1-3 foot waves, flocks of sanderlings, a rip tide in the channel and some skim boarders.

OBX Wave Report Jan 25 — Surf Set to Build as a Storm Rolls In

Small waves in the range of 0-2 feet are set to build to 2-8+ feet later today as a massive frontal system sweeps in bringing gale force winds and possible thunderstorms.

OBX Wave Report Jan 24 — 1-2 Foot With Another Gale on The Way

A storm gathering over Texas is expected to kick up gale force winds and stormy conditions for the Outer Banks starting late Wednesday. Meanwhile, today, waves across the Outer Banks are in the range of 1-2 foot. Following December’s bomb cyclone, numerous fronts and yesterday’s hurricane force gust at Jennette’s Pier, a larger analysis of Winter of 2022-2023 weather trends for the Outer Banks is included for added local and regional context.

Went in Search of Barrels, Found a Rip Tide

Rip tide and waves at Boilers near Pea Island Wildlife refuge.

OBX Wave Report Jan 22 — 1-2 Foot Building Through Monday

A storm sweeping in from the south is expected to kick up waves by Monday.

Friday For Future Beach Meditations

1-2 Foot waves, skim boarding, and Friday for Future beach meditations on January 20th at Jennette’s Pier.

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