OBX Wave Report March 19 — North Wind Chop Across a Green Ocean

1-3 Foot waves break across the Outer Banks out of a green ocean chopped up by a north wind. Beautiful clear evening with a likely spectacular sunset.

OBX Wave Report March 18 — Clouds, Cold Ocean, Rain, 1-6 Foot Waves

A front sweeps through the Outer Banks bringing rain and a little rough surf. Clearing by nightfall.

New Surfer’s First Stand Up

New surfer stands up for the first time in the white water near Avon Pier on March 17.

Two Surfers — A Quick Ride

Two surfers catch a wave at Jennette’s Pier on March 16.

Graceful Faces Fall Across the Sandbar

Graceful 2-4 foot waves north of Jennette’s Pier on March 15.

The OBX Wave Report March 14 — Big, Cold and Sunny

4-10 foot waves break across the Outer Banks on Tuesday March 14.

Heavy Avalon Shore Break

Powerful shore break at Avalon Pier on March 8.

Clear Blue-Green Paddle Out

Paddle out into 3-6 foot surf at Jennette’s Pier. Beautiful, clear blue-green water and glass.

OBX Wave Report March 2 — East Swell Sends Good Waves to Most Beaches, Gale Watches up For Friday

Smaller swell today with glassy waves. Gale watches are up as a major storm approaches from the west.

Sick Barrel Wipeout at Avon Pier on February 28

This beautiful barrel got away from me at Avon yesterday. Got board into a nearly perfect position. But didn’t quite get the rail set before the wave face rapidly steepened. The result was me taking a splash in the barrel as the board got pulled up and over the falls inside the barrel. I’m on the hunt for another one of these beautiful beasts to dance with. We’ll get there!

Above is a still image from inside the barrel as the board was hurled over the falls. So gorgeous!

Lost Rocket Redux Quad With Uber Paddle Power

Paddle out at Avon on February 28th was just flying on the Lost Rocket Redux. Note the beautiful 2-4 foot waves off Avon producing some classic OBX barrels. I posted this video as it exemplifies the speed of the Lost Rocket Redux in the Quad configuration. Haven’t had great experience with the large-finned thruster. But the quad has serious wings.

Surfboard dimensions — 6’ 1”, wide, volume 39.5 L. Fins — FCS 2, five boxes. Config — Large Performer, Shaper Series, Quad.

OBX Wave Report Feb 27 — Heat, Storms, Sea Level Rise, Waves

Good waves forecast this week as two fronts are predicted to sweep through, one tonight, and one Friday. The primary driver being an easterly wind pattern pushing swells in from the stormy, Winter North Atlantic. Larger discussion of climate change related impacts to extreme weather, heat, and sea level rise. Let’s get on board for the rapid global deployment of clean energy so we can save the OBX and so many other beautiful coastlines.

OBX Wave Report Feb 26 — 2-4 Foot and Glassy

Calming seas bring glassy 2-4 foot waves to the Outer Banks. California storms shift north. Stormy central to east this week.

Kite Surfers in the Distance

Two kite surfers carving some waves south of Avalon Pier.

OBX Wave Report Feb 23 — Southwest Winds and Winter Heat Continue

A major record-breaking heatwave grips the southeast as near gale force southwest winds run across the southern Outer Banks. Blizzard warnings remain up for parts of the US North. Passage of a front and northeast winds to bring better waves Friday through Sunday.

OBX Wave Report Feb 17 — Building Southwest Swell With Gale Warnings

On this Friday for Future in the Outer Banks, winds are building from the southwest as storms approach. With gale warnings up, larger surf is on the way.

Small Waves as Southwest Winds Pick Up

1-2 foot waves at Jennette’s Pier on February 16 ahead of a storm from expected to sweep in on Friday. Warm temps approx 66 degrees F at 330 PM. Went out for a surf session in the small break just for kicks and training.

Summer-Like February Day at Nags Head

Surfers and beach goers enjoy summer like weather at Nags Head on February 15. Temps in the upper 60s at least.

Rip Tide Beneath Blue Skies

A close up film of a rip tide beneath gorgeous blue OBX skies.

Glassy Waves, a Surfer, and a Rip Tide

Beautiful, glassy day at Jennette’s Pier with a large rip and a solitary surfer.

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