Worth Reading: March 22, 2013

In the news today, the GOP has renewed broad-reaching efforts to limit alternative energy development and expand carbon pollution. NOAA forecasts a warm spring with half the country likely to see flooding while the other half experiences drought. Renewable energy production gets a boost from Apple as wind energy begins to bounce back after a legislative assault by Republicans. And China shows slowing increases in oil consumption (likely due to high prices) even as it remains on track to increase coal consumption 10% by 2015.

Warnings from the OECD on emissions ramped up as it sought carbon taxes from big polluters like China and the US. And 4th graders show the world that, yes, a transition to renewable energy is possible with just a little crowd-sourcing gumption.

Joe Romm exposes Theda Skocpol for double speak, misanalysis and blaming the victim in the legislative failure of Cap-and-Trade: Theda Skocpol Doubles Down With Self-Contradictory, Blame-The-Victim Misanalysis of Cap-And-Trade Failure.

Ryan Koronowski exposes the GOP’s ongoing and deliberate anti-reality climate change denial efforts in a piece that makes the movie Space Balls seem more factually plausible than the current republican narrative on human-caused global warming: When Reality is Biased, Get New Facts.

Dr. Snow produces an excellent analysis of sea ice conditions past, present and future: Arctic Sea Ice Melt: Looking Forward, Looking Back.

NOAA’s spring outlook is for a mix of drought, floods and above average temperatures: Drought and Floods in NOAA’s ‘Mixed Bag’ Spring Outlook.

Blogger Fish out of Water produces this excellent analysis of The Winter the Polar Vortex Collapsed.

Nice, sarcastic, article on why we ‘should’ approve the Keystone XL Pipeline: Let Us Count The Ways Keystone Approval Helps Us: Memo From Houston.

Republicans want to turn the budget plan from Senate Democrats into a “legislative sledgehammer” against President Obama’s green agenda, Organizing for Action warned Thursday: Pro-Obama group signals more emphasis on climate, green policies.

Members of GOP House that voted for big money giveaways for oil companies received over $38 million dollars from these big carbon polluters: GOP Voting For House Budget’s Big Oil Giveaway Receive $38 Million In Oil Cash.

GOP Senator Roy Blunt seeks to use Carbon Tax vote as a vehicle for attacking those concerned about climate change. But will this move blow up in his face? GOP Lawmaker wants Senate on record about carbon taxes.

Chinese lust for growth no match for high oil prices: For oil markets, China isn’t what it used to be.

China on track to increase dirty coal consumption another 10% by 2015. Not good news for climate change. Not at all. The Beijing Syndrome.

Canadian and US citizen efforts to block pipelines linking to Alberta’s Tar Sands expand: Canadian and U.S. natives vow to block oil pipelines.

Wind Energy installations picking up in US: Renewed Tax Credit Buoys Wind-Power Projects.

Fourth Grade class raises 5,800 dollars to fund solar energy projects: Fourth Grade Class Uses Kickstarter to Finance a Solar Array Multiple Times Over.

GOP seeks to exclude exports from efforts aimed at limiting carbon emissions: Senate budget measure would forbid considering emissions from exports.

Zero carbon economy not possible? Tell that to Apple, which now runs 75% on renewables: Apple makes renewable energy push with solar, fuel cells.

OECD urges big polluters to put a price on carbon. Push includes China, US: China is urged to use carbon tax to tackle pollution.

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