Hurricane Force Swell Arrives in OBX

A hurricane force low begins to unload its swell on the Outer Banks.

Surfer Advocacy — Mass Deploying Clean Energy For Coastal Defense

Environmental advocacy for the mass deployment of clean energy for coastal defense.

OBX Wave Report February 7 — Hurricane Force Low Brings Great Surf

A hurricane force low is expected to bring great surf across the Outer Banks over the next three days. As ever, please remember to do everything you can to help save our coastlines by transitioning to clean energy — solar, wind and electric vehicles.

Swell Picks up at Nags Head

The swell rises on Monday evening at Nags Head as a powerful nor’easter kicks up hurricane force winds well offshore.

O’Neill Psycho Hood Review

A review of the O’Neill Psycho hood for winter time surfing in 40-50 degree water. Hood tested at Jennette’s Pier in 47 degree F water temps. 9/10 rating. Good stuffs!

OBX Wave Report February 6 — 1-4 Foot Surf With a Hurricane Force Swell Building

A powerful nor’easter is set to kick up hurricane force winds off the US East Coast. Relatively small waves expected to build to 4-7 feet by Wednesday as they radiate out from this winter storm system. Larger US and North Atlantic analysis finds a powerful storm approaching Scandinavia and the Arctic as the Pacific returns to a more typical La Nina pattern.


Golden Morning With North Winds and Outer Banks Chop

1-2 Foot waves at Jennette’s Pier on a golden February morning.

Grey Atlantic Waves Ahead of an Ocean Storm

Glassy 1-2 waves at Jennette’s Pier on February 5th as a storm rolls in.

OBX Wave Report February 5 — A Surprise Nor’easter and 1-5 Foot Surf

A warm front ushers in strong southerly winds across the south beaches kicking up waves to 2-5 feet. North, waves are small in the 1-2 foot range ahead of the front with rain and strong south winds moving in. Weather models point to a possible surprise Nor’easter forming over the next 12-24 hours off the US East Coast.

Post Polar Vortex Surf at Bathhouse

Glassy post storm waves break at Nags Head beach.

Arctic Warming Pumped up by Bomb Cyclone Nor’Easter Spurs -108 F Wind Chill

A polar vortex smashed by warm winds from the North Atlantic and a bomb cyclone in Baffin Bay drove cold air and howling 127 mph hurricane gusts over Mt Washington to generate a record -108 F wind chill.

OBX Wave Report February 4 — A Chilly Polar Vortex Smash with 3-7 Foot Surf

Temperatures range from the lower to middle 30s across the Outer Banks as warm winds smash the Arctic Polar Vortex. Meanwhile, north-east winds kick up 3-7 foot swells.

Strong Northeast Wind, 3-5 Foot Waves

Unexpected large swell and strong northeast winds at Jennette’s Pier on February 3rd.

A Union of Concerned Scientists Friday For Future — Polar Vortex, Clean Energy, Science vs Hate

In this episode of the OBX Wave report, we promote the activist scientists who are doing so much to defend our coastlines, our oceans, our world, and to advance science as a force for justice and enlightenment.

OBX Wave Report February 3 — 2-3 Foot as Cold Blast Moves In

Strong northwest winds are blowing across the Outer Banks behind a cold front sweeping through. Waves in the range of 2-3 foot likely to be chopped up by northwest winds. Rain moving out and chill moving in for tonight and tomorrow. Big Warm up likely for next week. Larger weather and climate discussion of extreme cold for the northeast to be followed by a shift to much warmer than normal temperatures by Monday and Tuesday and moving on into next week.

Surreal Skies With Waves Marching Beneath

1-3 Foot waves beneath beautiful skies at Jennette’s Pier on Groundhog Day.

Record Low Sea Ice Spurred by Global Climate Emergency

This special edition of the OBX Wave Report highlights recent observations of global record low sea ice during early 2023. Sea ice has an influence on the health of glaciers. That’s a big deal for surfers and folks who live on the coastline. Mass deploying clean energy can help.

OBX Wave Report February 2 — Groveling 2-4 Surf on Groundhog Day?

It’s Groundhog Day on the Outer Banks. With 2-4 foot surf on most beaches you may want to bring your groveler or longboard or hybrid. Water temperatures are already warming up with an east wind. And the mid-range forecast hints that Winter may end early.

Raging Cross-Shore Current in the Powerful Surf

Strong northeast winds drive a powerful cross-shore current at Jennette’s Pier.

3-7 Foot Waves With Strong Northeast Winds

Unexpected rough conditions associated with a mild nor’easter at Jennette’s Pier in Nag’s Head.

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