OBX Wave Report April 9 — Reflections on 33 Surf Sessions, 4-12 Foot Surf

Reflections on a good life here in the Outer Banks after 33 surf sessions through Winter and early spring. Present conditions — large 4-12 foot waves and a nor’easter heading off shore,

OBX Wave Report April 8 — Storm Warning, Second Hottest March, Heavy Surf

Storm warnings across the Outer Banks with winds up to 50 mph on Saturday. Climate discussion on second hottest March despite no El Niño yet in play.

The OBX Wave Report March 25 — Heat, Small Waves, Hydrogen Boondoggles

Small 1-3 foot waves across the OBX, temps hit 80 degrees F yesterday, and a discussion about hydrogen boondoggles.

OBX Wave Report March 23 — It’s Good to be Woke

Woke this morning at 6 AM for an early surf session with a new surfer in training. It was awesome! Waves across the Outer Banks are in the range of 0-3 feet. Glassy. Warming conditions as a big southeast heatwave builds.

PS — and yes, it’s good to be woke as in ‘wokeism’ which is pro-progress, pro-democracy, anti-racism, and anti-bigotry. Aka, only the backward and the bigoted attack woke.


Cold, Gray-Green, and Blustery at Avalon Pier

Small gray-green waves from a Labrador Current Ocean at Avalon Pier in the Outer Banks.

ONX Wave Report March 5 — Waves and Winds on The Move

Fun, rideable waves in the 2-3 foot range are breaking across the Outer Banks today. For the near future, our weather, warmth, waves, storm and calm is connected to happenings in the Arctic. Warm air invading through Greenland the Bering Sea may push colder air south, adding a potential for Atlantic storminess in mid March. However, this cold air displacement and related storminess remain uncertain.

Raging Cross-Shore Current in the Powerful Surf

Strong northeast winds drive a powerful cross-shore current at Jennette’s Pier.

3-7 Foot Waves With Strong Northeast Winds

Unexpected rough conditions associated with a mild nor’easter at Jennette’s Pier in Nag’s Head.

Lost Rocket Redux Quad Review

Review of the Lost Rocket Redux in the Quad fin configuration. Completely different experience from the thruster. Large FCS Performer fins on a 6’ 1” board at 39 liters.

Cold With 24 Knot North Winds and 5-8 Foot Surf at Jennette’s Pier

Nor’easter like conditions at Jennette’s Pier on December 12, 2022.

Strong Winds, Rough Surf at Avalon Pier

Dark clouds hover over Avalon Pier as rough waves and strong winds buffer the beach on December 12, 2022.

Picking Fins For a Tri-Quad Configuration Surfboard (Rocket Redux + FCS Performer)

Robert discusses fin choices for the versatile tri-quad surfboard. FCS and Lost Rocket Redux featured.

The OBX Wave Report December 12 — Big Buxton

Large waves produced by a powerful North Atlantic storm are starting to subside at some beaches even as they continue to rise at others.

View From Bonner Bridge Pier of Oregon Inlet, Atlantic, and Historic Lifesaving Station

View From Bonner Bridge Pier — a remnant of a bridge wracked by numerous recent storms. Oregon Inlet, itself, was created by a hurricane in 1846.

Tundra Geese at Pea Island Wildlife Refuge OBX

Thousands of Canadian fowl congregate at the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge on their journey south during December and January.

Surf Crashing on Shipwreck off Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge

OBX Wave Report supplemental video showing large waves breaking over the boiler just offshore of the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge.

The OBX Wave Report December 11 — 5-12 Foot Surf Continues

Large waves continue to pummel the east-facing beaches of the OBX as a huge mid ocean storm moves north and east toward Europe.

The OBX Wave Report December 10 — Beastly Atlantic Bomb Hits the Banks With 12 Footers

A powerful North Atlantic storm kicks up 5-12 foot surf for the east-facing Outer Banks beaches.

Friday Walk on The Beach For Coastal Communities’ Future

A Friday walk for action to save coastal communities from rising sea levels and more intense storms. Shout out to the Friday For Future youth climate movement.

God Rays and Storm Waves

Robert films a majestic storm-tossed ocean with god rays streaming down.

Editorial note — the word ‘god-ray’ is a descriptor from modern fantasy that describes sun or moon rays streaming down. These natural god rays are just majestic. And you can often find them visible in coastal communities.

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