OBX Wave Report December 31 — A Li’l Bit Stormy

A front sweeps in bringing wind, larger surf, and mildly stormy conditions.

Friday For Future at The Outer Banks Brewing Station

Local Outer Banks business proudly displays its commitment to clean energy.

Wellhouse Water Proof Case Used to Keep Electronics Dry While Surfing Part 2

A post brain freeze review of the Wellhouse water proof case used to store electronic devices while surfing.

Wellhouse Water Proof Case Used to Keep Electronics Dry While Surfing, Part 1

A pre-review of the Wellhouse waterproof case used while surfing.

Pre Winter Surf Session at Jennette’s Pier

Just prior to discovering a 2/3 mil wetsuit with no hood, booties, or gloves is too little protection for present cold water conditions at Jennette’s Pier.

OBX Wave Report December 30 — Surf Friday For Future

2-5 foot waves continue on another Friday For Future at the Outer Banks.

Fun Knee to Waist High Waves at Jennette’s Pier

Surfers enjoy calm and glassy swells at Jennette’s Pier on December 29.

OBX Wave Report December 29 — Ten Days of Rideable Surf Followed by Possible Nor’ Easter

2-5 foot waves are predicted for the foreseeable future across the Outer Banks even as longer range models point to a possible early January Nor’ Easter.

OBX Wave Report December 28 — A Placid Build-up

A smallish swell builds across the Outer Banks with continued improvement predicted.

OBX Wave Report December 27 — Small Swell Forecast To Improve

It’s calm in the aftermath of a powerful bomb cyclone that took 50 US lives and left hundreds of thousands without power as temperatures fell. For the Outer Banks, the coming week is expected to be far less disruptive with presently small waves steadily building to medium height.


OBX Wave Report December 26 — Cold and Flatish

It’s cold and the waves are mostly flashish across the Outer Banks this morning. Although, we’ve found a swell or two for you.

The OBX Wave Report December 25 — Cold, Blustery Christmas

Cold, blustery conditions pervade across the Outer Banks this Christmas. For the east facing beaches, surf is small and blown out by west winds. For the south facing beaches, a small to medium swell manages to make it to shore. Conditions should improve by mid-to-late week.

The Clean Energy Revolution is Here, But There Are No Silver Bullets

Breakthroughs in fusion, falling prices for clean energy, mass deployment of wind, solar, water, EVs, and a dire need for rapid climate action are all spurring a transition away from dirty fuels. But it needs to happen fast to save our coastlines and so many of the natural systems we all rely on.

The OBX Wave Report Dec 24 — Frigid, Blustery, Blown Out

After the passage of a powerful front associated with a bomb cyclone, the OBX beaches experiences frigid, blustery and blown out conditions.

A 350 Friday For Future — Giving For Coastal Defense on Christmas Eve, Eve

A big part of fighting for coastal defense from climate crisis includes giving to support effective climate action organizations. One of the best is 350.org. Special showing by Cat about mid-way through this livestream ;).

Bomb Cyclone Spurs Minor Sound Side Flooding in Manteo

Gale force winds associated with a bomb cyclone drive sound side flooding in Manteo OBX.

OBX Wave Report December 23 — Bomb Cyclone Spurs Big Waves, Minor Coastal Flooding

A coastal low associated with a larger bomb cyclone over the Great Lakes region is kicking off gale force winds, minor coastal flooding, and big surf for the Outer Banks.

Kite Surfer Braves Near Gale Force Conditions at Jennette’s Pier

Seas and waves rise as the wind whips up out of the southeast. A lone kite surfer braves the deteriorating conditions.

Wind, Rain, Waves With Tops Blown Off at Avalon Pier OBX

Heavy rain and near gale force conditions at Avalon Pier, OBX.

Coastal Storm Starts to Roll in Across The Outer Banks

A coastal low begins to lash the Outer Banks with wind, rain and high surf.

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