Dr. Jennifer Francis, Top Climatologists Explain How Global Warming Wrecks the Jet Stream and Amps Up Hydrological Cycle To Cause Dangerous Weather

(Video not showing? Click here to watch it directly.)

A new program, posted above and produced by Australian Broadcasting, provides in depth analysis of the cutting edge climate science that begins to reveal how human-caused climate change is causing increasingly dangerous weather.

The program explores past extreme events like the European and Russian heatwaves that together resulted in nearly 100,000 deaths, the devastating floods of Pakistan, and this year’s extreme Northern Hemisphere winter and shows how climate change was the driving factor in each. The program also explores issues I’ve been covering here — like how melting sea ice causes the Jet Stream to meander, resulting in more persistent weather patterns that drive extreme events. The chief pioneer in this research, Dr. Jennifer Francis, provides some well rendered and somewhat chilling explanations about this key feature of our new atmosphere.

Another aspect explored is how global warming greatly increases the hydrological cycle. New findings have shown that just 1 degree Celsius of global temperature rise increases the intensity of the global hydrological cycle by a whopping 7%. Evaporation increases by 7%, fueling more droughts and heatwaves, and rates of rainfall during storms also increases by 7%, further increasing the damage caused by the most extreme storms. Predicted rises in temperatures of 2, 4, 6 or more degrees Celsius would result in a catastrophic amplification of the hydrological cycle by 15, 30, 40 percent or greater. This basic underpinning of storm and drought formation shows how devastating to human systems such a massive change in major weather drivers would be.

Lastly, the program explores how even a .8 degree Celsius rise in temperatures has resulted in more deadly heatwaves. The great European, Russian, US and Australia heatwaves of the past decade are all explored in this particular expose.

Please watch to entire video. It is well worth your time.

Hat tip to Climate Crocks for the head’s up. As ever, my best wishes and admiration to Dr. Jennifer Francis for her astounding research.

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  1. That’s a great movie – I couldn’t get it to work here,but saw it a few days ago. Could be good to provide the URL as well as embed


  2. That is good, thanks. The weather does appear to be going nuts. It’s hard to understand how some people fail to notice this.


  3. I am new to this site – and am deeply grateful to you for the work you are doing to bring this to people’s attention in the face of what amounts to a media blackout. I’d love to know what your background is – any training or speciality or are you an concerned blogger like me?


    • Glad it’s helpful.

      My background is intel analyst, managing editor, emerging threats for Jane’s, emerging threats expert, and writer/public speaker.

      There is absolutely no shame in being a blogger. Want to gain expert knowledge in a subject? Write a hundred in-depth blogs about it.


  4. coyoteyogi

     /  July 16, 2013

    Excellent movie. Thank you for posting it. One thing that jumped out to me was what was missing. There was no time given to a climate change denier point of view. No effort was made to present a “balanced” story. The assumption (true enough) is that the science has progressed beyond “could this be true?” to “how is this going to change our weather and local ecologies?” This is the kind of direct, unequivocal and informative story telling that could make a significant difference in how people respond to the issue of climate change. Which is why we are unlikely to see anything this poignant in the good ole USA for quite awhile


    • The climate change deniers are living in a dream world that defies the laws of physics. They irrationally cast doubt on basic scientific principles — like CO2 is a heat trapping gas — even as they blatantly fail to recognize the intrinsic new extremes of weather all around them. I completely agree that removing such cranks from a discussion on the science of climate change is entirely appropriate.


  5. This video is a perfect way to educate people about what global warming really does and why. I reblogged the video from the “Cimate Denial Crock of the Week” blog.


  6. A thousand thanks to you in your expertise, time and effort to keep so many of us more fully informed on all the ramifications of how fast our world is changing in terms of countless climate issues. And special thanks for the Aussie video. Tom


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