Purple Evening

Shades of purple in an OBX evening sky.

Edge of Cloud, Blue Green Water

Beautiful blue-green water just off shore at Kill Devil Hills beach access on March 20.

Clouds, Chop, and a Controlled Burn

Begging For a Beat Down — Why Willow is Bad For America

A requiem Friday for Future episode of the OBX Wave Report where we talk about why funding the Willow Oil Project is a ridiculously bad choice for the USA

OBX Wave Report March 19 — North Wind Chop Across a Green Ocean

1-3 Foot waves break across the Outer Banks out of a green ocean chopped up by a north wind. Beautiful clear evening with a likely spectacular sunset.

Green and Choppy at Second Street Beach Access

Green and choppy at Second Street Beach Access Kitty Hawk on March 19.

OBX Wave Report March 18 — Clouds, Cold Ocean, Rain, 1-6 Foot Waves

A front sweeps through the Outer Banks bringing rain and a little rough surf. Clearing by nightfall.

OBX Wave Report March 17 — Warm Day, 1-4 Foot Waves

Warm ahead of a front as 1-4 foot waves break across the Outer Banks on this Friday for Future.

Wind Turbine Research and Wave Riders

Radar antenna used to track ocean currents for wind turbine construction are being erected at Jennette’s Pier. Meanwhile as surfer catches a short little ride.

Rising Seas and Crystalline Waves at Rodanthe

The OBX Wave Report Dawn Patrol — Cat, Louise, and Rob — finds homes facing rising seas and crystalline barrels at Rodanthe on March 17.

March Day at the Beach — Surfers and Sunbathers

Surfers and beach-goers at Jennette’s Pier on March 16.

The OBX Wave Report March 16 — 1-4 Feet Ahead of a Storm Front

1-4 foot waves break across the Outer Banks on March 16. A storm front approaching from the west will bring gale force gusts south Friday and rain Saturday. In weather and climate news — a nor’easter may form off the Outer Banks by Wednesday of next week and an atmospheric river is expected to deliver more storms to California on Monday and Tuesday. More in depth weather and climate analysis throughout.


Graceful Faces Fall Across the Sandbar

Graceful 2-4 foot waves north of Jennette’s Pier on March 15.

Cobalt Blue Skies, White Gulls

2-4 foot waves break beneath cobalt blue skies as white gulls fly overhead.

OBX Wave Report March 15 — Chill Northwest Winds, Smaller Surf

2-5 foot waves break across the Outer Banks on March 15th.

Tall Offshore at Avalon

Tall offshore waves at Avalon in March 14.

Strong West Wind and Breakers

Strong west winds feather the breakers at Jennette’s Pier on March 14.

Barrels of Grackles

Grackles gather as northwest gusts blow the tops off the waves at Jennette’s Pier on March 14.

The OBX Wave Report March 14 — Big, Cold and Sunny

4-10 foot waves break across the Outer Banks on Tuesday March 14.

Feathered Spray in the Cold

Spray feathers off large waves as seen from Jennette’s Pier on March 13.

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