Calm Sea and a Polar Bear Club in the Distance at Kill Devil Hills

Calm 1 foot waves break on the beach at Kill Devil Hills as a polar bear club jumps into the 48 degree January water to the south.

OBX Wave Report Jan 28 — Clean, Small, Building

Waves are 1-2 foot across the Outer Banks today. A minor coastal storm is predicted to kick up a swell into Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Intro focus — the clean energy revolution. Long range focus on weather — coastal storm potential that makes you go hmm…

Crystal Blue Seas, Birds Take Flight, Dolphins Offshore

1-2 foot waves at Jennette’s Pier on a beautiful January afternoon. Flight of birds about midway through. Dolphins visible offshore at the end.

OBX Wave Report Jan 27 — Holocaust Remembrance Day

In this Friday for Future episode of the OBX Wave Report, we remember the Holocaust and ask all wave carvers to dedicate their surf sessions today to never forgetting and to fighting hatred, fascism, and political violence.

Low Tide With Waves Slamming the Sand Bar, Rip Currents, and Sanderlings

Evening low tide at Jennette’s Pier brings 1-3 foot waves, flocks of sanderlings, a rip tide in the channel and some skim boarders.

OBX Wave Report Jan 26 — 2-8 Foot Surf Follows Behind Yesterday’s Gale

Large surf in the range of 2-5 foot north and 4-8 foot south pounds OBX beaches in the wake of yesterday’s gale.

OBX Wave Report Jan 25 — Surf Set to Build as a Storm Rolls In

Small waves in the range of 0-2 feet are set to build to 2-8+ feet later today as a massive frontal system sweeps in bringing gale force winds and possible thunderstorms.

Climate Scientist Chat Jan 24 — Renewables, Extreme Weather, Storms, Poles, Gates

A special OBX Wave Report review of today’s climate expert chatter.

OBX Wave Report Jan 24 — 1-2 Foot With Another Gale on The Way

A storm gathering over Texas is expected to kick up gale force winds and stormy conditions for the Outer Banks starting late Wednesday. Meanwhile, today, waves across the Outer Banks are in the range of 1-2 foot. Following December’s bomb cyclone, numerous fronts and yesterday’s hurricane force gust at Jennette’s Pier, a larger analysis of Winter of 2022-2023 weather trends for the Outer Banks is included for added local and regional context.


Grackles and Grovelers

Grackles congregate above the break at Jennette’s Pier.

Surfers and Bodyboarders Shredding it at Jennette’s Pier

Beautiful blue-green barrels at Jennette’s Pier on Jan 23rd.

Went in Search of Barrels, Found a Rip Tide

Rip tide and waves at Boilers near Pea Island Wildlife refuge.

OBX Wave Report Jan 23 — Yesterday’s Hurricane Force Gust Followed By Big Barrels

A strong front associated with a storm sweeping up from the south raked Nags Head with a recorded wind gust of 75 mph at Jennette’s Pier on Sunday the 22nd. Today, reports indicate big barrels from S-Turns to Buxton.

Gale Begins to Blow at Jennette’s Pier

The leading edge of a Gale kicks up at Jennette’s Pier on Jan 22.

OBX Wave Report Jan 20 — Tribute to David Crosby Across 1-4 Foot Waves

Friday for Future edition of the OBX Wave Report tribute to the life of David Crosby finds 1-4 foot surf across the Outer Banks with smaller waves north and larger waves south.

Sound of Wave and Wind, Sight of Surf and Spray

Ten minutes of the relaxing sounds and sights of the Outer Banks filmed from Nag’s Head.

Placid, Warm, Windy with 1 Foot Waves

1 Foot waves with temperatures in the 60s and high clouds overhead at Jennette’s Pier on Jan 19, 2023.

OBX Wave Report Jan 19 — 1-3 Foot With Southerly Winds Building

With another mildly stormy impulse sweeping in from the west expected to bring winds south and showers north, waves across the Outer Banks range from one to three feet. Off shore gales south expected to kick up waves by later today.

OBX Wave Report Jan 17 — 2-5 Foot With Storms by Afternoon

Wave heights have dropped to 2-5 feet across the Outer Banks as a front sweeping in from the west promises to bring storms. California’s much needed break from extreme weather appears in the forecast, big surf arrives in Portugal.

Beautiful Blue-Green Beasts

Massive swells roll in at Jennette’s Pier in this MLK tribute episode.

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