Carving a Blue-Green Swell

Quick pop-up yields some fun turns through a blue-green swell.

The OBX Wave Report May 10 — 2-3 Foot and Choppy With Better Surf on the Way

A northeast wind has kicked up some choppy surf across the east facing ONX beaches. But calming conditions and a decent swell will bring better waves tomorrow and into Friday.

The OBX Extreme Ocean Heat… Err… Wave… Report — April 27

2-7 foot waves break across the Outer Banks today. Meanwhile, ocean heat is getting ridiculous as new hot records continue.

Jennette’s Pier South — 3-4 Foot, Long Rides, Gorgeous Waters

3-4 foot waves break at Jennette’s Pier on a beautiful OBX day. Time to hit the water for surf session #42!! Slava Ukraine! Real Freedom and Democracy! 

Golden Sunlight, Blue-Green Ocean

Golden sunlight sparkles on beautiful blue-green four foot waves breaking at Jennette’s Pier on April 25 at 1140 AM.

Dusk at Eighth Street

Beautiful dusk at the 8th Street Beach Access with 2-3 foot waves and blue, gray, and purple skies.

Northeast Winds, Choppy Surf

2-3 foot waves with choppy surf and strong northeast winds at Jennette’s Pier on April 24 at 310 PM.

OBX Wave Report April 21 — Carbon Dioxide, Heat, Lake Atlantic

Hot temperatures in the 80s continue across the Outer Banks as 0-2 foot waves break on the beaches. Larger discussion on carbon dioxide, recent Asian heatwaves and the greenhouse gas index.

OBX Wave Report April 18 — Waves Get Even Smaller

Calm conditions bring 1-2 foot or smaller waves to most OBX beaches.

OBX Wave Report April 17 — CO2, Sting Jets, Bomb Cyclones, Deluges… 1-4 Foot Waves

Through fossil fuel burning, atmospheric CO2 levels have now increased to a maximum of around 424 parts per million in April of 2023, the highest seen in at least 3 million years. Meanwhile, the list of storms enhanced by the added heat trapped by CO2 is growing. Despite the enhanced risk of storms globally, the Outer Banks is relatively calm today with 1-4 foot waves breaking across the beaches.

See Dr Mann’s climate discussion here:


OBX Wave Report April 14 — Lauderdale Floods, Near Record Nino Index, Small Waves

1-3 Foot waves break across the Outer Banks as showers and thunderstorms sweep across the islands. Meanwhile, climate change fingerprints are all over the recent 25 inch deluge that swamped Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday and Thursday even as near record Nino indexes are breached in the Pacific.

OBX Wave Report April 11 — 4 to 8 Feet, Burly and Fun

Large 4-8 waves break across the Outer Banks as sunny weather and calm conditions create a beautiful spectacle and a great opportunity for surfers.

Beachgoers are Greeted With Gorgeous Waves Following Stormy Days

Gorgeous waves gleam in the sunlight south of Jennette’s Pier on April 11 as beachgoers return to enjoy the sun and surf.

North Side Jennette’s Pier – 4 to 6 Feet With Surfers in the Water

Powerful surf slams into the sandbar on the north side of Jennette’s Pier on April 11.

Waves Boom in the Dusk

A beautiful OBX twilight as powerful waves bring heavy booms that roar across the beaches.

Clear Skies, 4-8 Foot Surf

Clear skies and 4-8 foot surf at Jennette’s Pier on April 10.

OBX Wave Report April 10 — Charging Forward as Good Surf Arrives

EVs are charging forward in the US — projected to hit over 1 million sales in 2023. That’s good news! Meanwhile, large waves across the Outer Banks in the range of 5-12 feet are starting to take on better form as a storm moves off shore.

Sun Breaks Through an Ocean Storm

Sun breaks through the clouds of a nor’easter on Easter Sunday in the Outer Banks.

Rough Easter Waves at Bathhouse

Rough 6-8 foot waves break at Bathhouse in Nags Head on Easter.

OBX Wave Report April 8 — Storm Warning, Second Hottest March, Heavy Surf

Storm warnings across the Outer Banks with winds up to 50 mph on Saturday. Climate discussion on second hottest March despite no El Niño yet in play.

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